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Why Vampire in the Garden Resembles Naruto

Why Vampire in the Garden Resembles Naruto
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If Wit Studio’s new original anime seems familiar, it may have something to do with all the big talents of the anime industry who are working on it.

Releasing May 16 on Netflix, the original fantasy anime series vampire in the garden is set in a world plagued by war between humans and vampires. There, the human Momo and the vampire Fiine begin a journey in search of Paradise. The series promises to be action-packed, emotional and dramatic, but there’s something else about vampire in the garden that has caught people’s attention: Judging by the trailer, the characters vaguely resemble those of naruto.

sure enough, naruto and vampire in the garden have been worked on by Tetsuya Nishio. He’s just one of the many big names in the anime industry listed as staff members for this upcoming series. There’s also the studio to consider. To elaborate, here’s a closer look at everyone that vampire in the garden is proud to call a part of its production.

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The first name to pop up in the trailer is Wit Studio. They’re well known for the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. They also animated action series like Seraph of the End (another human vs vampire anime), Kabaneri of the Iron Fortressand Vinland Saga. Other popular works of theirs include The Ancient Magus Bride, After the Rainand Ranking of Kings. Many of Wit Studio’s anime have gone on to receive critical acclaim, which is a good sign for vampire in the garden.

Yew vampire in the garden is like any of Wit’s other series, then it should have a good balance between dynamic action sequences and engaging drama. The action presented in the trailer certainly lives up to its studio’s name. The characters give good and emotional performances, but the drama will depend on how well the story builds up to it; considering who’s working on this series, there shouldn’t be any concern. If the trailer is anything to go by, vampire in the garden should be as good a Wit Studio anime as they come.

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The director for vampire in the garden is Makihara Ryōtarō. He’s also known for directing Hal and, more importantly, The Empire of Corpses. The latter is a psychological sci-fi movie that delves into the disturbing nature of the undead and reanimation, not unlike Marie Shelley’s Frankenstein. That moderate touch of horror would fit perfectly in a vampire-centric narrative.

The soundtrack will be composed by Yoshihiro Ike. He’s known for composing the music for AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo and Tiger & Bunny. He can compose in a broad range of musical styles; his work can be something grand like “The Hero of Heroes” or something simple like “The Mechanic.” For vampire in the garden, he might put out more songs like “The Voice of Thanatos” or “Aftermath.” In any case, the soundtrack for this upcoming anime should be full of memorable tunes and melodies.

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Again, the character designer for this series is Tetsuya Nishio. He’s best known for designing characters for the naruto anime, more Naruto: Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The resemblance is plain to see in the Vampire in the Garden characters, right down to the facial expressions. Even some of their movements and color schemes look familiar. If characters from either of these works swapped places, none of them would look out of place. naruto fans should certainly get a nostalgic vibe from vampire in the garden.

As things stand, vampire in the garden looks like it’s set to be a great new series for anime fans. Not only is it being done by a talented studio, but it has a number of veterans of the industry working on it. Audiences should look forward to watching it when it arrives on netflix in May.

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