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Universal Studios Previews New AoT, Sailor Moon Attractions

Universal Studios Previews New AoT, Sailor Moon Attractions
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Universal Studios Japan releases video previews of the anime-inspired rides and experiences it has set up for its annual event, Universal Cool Japan.

Universal Studios Japan released video previews of the new attractions coming to the latest edition of its annual event, Universal Cool Japan, inspired by popular series such as Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon.

During the yearly event, the park runs a number of rides and experiences based on Japanese media like anime, films and video games. For Universal Cool Japan 2022, Universal Studios Japan is setting up attractions based on properties such as Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter and Detective Conanallowing fans to experience the world of these series in a fun and unique way.

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The popular virtual rollercoaster, Attack on Titan XR Ridefirst ran in 2020. By giving VR headsets, riders are thrust into the perilous world of Attack on Titan as they are placed in a horse-drawn carriage traveling across the iconic city inside the walls. Peace was never an option, however, as Titans invade the city, causing the carriage to fly into the air. What follows is an action-packed tour of Paradis Island as members of the Survey Corps, such as Levi Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Sasha Braus and Mikasa Ackerman, zip around in their ODM gear to defeat the giants. Riders will also get a front-row seat to Eren Jaeger in his titan form as he faces off against the Armored Titan.

Another returning attraction is 2019’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D: Moon Palace Chapter. This year’s version of the attraction has an extra scene depicting the Sailor Guardians dressed to the nines as they attend a ball. Through the use of special environmental effects, viewers will feel like they are fighting alongside Sailor Moon and her friends.

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Similarly, Hunter x Hunter The Real 4D also uses movement, vibrations and environmental effects to make the audience feel as if they are actually within the world of the adventure series themselves. The 20-minute show features an exclusive story following Gon, Kurapika and Killua as they infiltrate an underground auction run by a mafia syndicate at the behest of the Hunter’s Association. Although things go awry for Gon and his friends when the sadistic Hisoka makes an appearance, fans will be able to experience various Nen abilities like Gon’s Ja-Jan-ken, Killua’s Denkou-Sekka, and Hisoka’s Bungee Gum right before their eyes.

Unlike the other attractions, Detective Conan World is unique in that it combines four experiences into one: Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ridean all-new rollercoaster experience, Detective Conan The Escapean escape room players will have to find an exit to, Detective Conan Mystery Challengea park-wide mystery people can solve on the go, and finally, a murder mystery dining experience named Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant.

Universal Cool Japan 2022 is set to end on August 28.

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