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Tips on how to secure your digital data ahead of World Backup Day

Tips on how to secure your digital data ahead of World Backup Day
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3. Be kind to your tech

It turns out that data is delicate. When it comes to a laptop, it’s important that you protect your hard drive from too much shake, rattle and roll. Alkas has one crucial rule: don’t move your laptop when it’s on.

“One of the most common ways that people lose data on a laptop is as a result of the hard drive starting to fail,” he says. “It generally starts deteriorating because the laptop has been knocked or dropped too many times.”

For mobile phones, it’s a bit more tricky. Electrical issues or malfunction of the memory device, according to Alkas, are the most common cause of death for phones. While your phone can survive the odd drop, extracting its data once it does give up the ghost is tougher (and more expensive) than it is with a laptop. So get your phone’s data onto the cloud before anything else.

4. Do the bare minimum

If, after all of this, you’re still not prepared to back up, no judgment – ​​there are a million more fun things to do, like watch paint dry. But there is still a way you can safeguard the stuff you really don’t want to lose without actually doing the chore of backing up.

Alkas suggests this: “Leave [your data] as it is, on whichever device it’s on – whether that’s a phone or whether it’s your laptop – but at least have duplicate copies of the most important things within that device. It’s not the best plan because if you lose that device, it’s gone, but at least it saves you from a situation where you’ve accidentally deleted or misplaced something.”

Better than nothing, right? Now go forth and back up.

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