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Things You Didn’t Know About Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan
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Ymir Fritz is one of the most important figures in the history of Attack on Titan, being the origin from which all Titan powers have come up. There’s a reason why the Subjects of Ymir are so feared in the show, with the Marleyans trying their hardest to oppress this demon race and make them pay for the mistakes of their ancestors.

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Ymir Fritz is a fascinating person who is bound to stir a ton of conversation within the fanbase, mainly due to his mysterious nature. With the second half of Attack on Titan‘s final season going on right now, there’s no better time to take a refresher course on this powerful figure. Keeping this in mind, here are the most notable things about Ymir Fritz that most people aren’t aware of.

8 The Nine Titan Powers Are Essentially Her Soul

The Jaw, Beast & Armored Titans

Ymir was the first person to develop the power of her Titans. While she might’ve died thirteen years later, the powers still live on through her.

According to the mythology surrounding Ymir’s existence, it’s stated that the Nine Titan powers are essentially fragments of her soul that have been passed down by the will of Ymir. It’s an interesting take on the origin of these powers that definitely add a ton of weight to the lore of Attack on Titan.


7 The Power Of The Titans Was The Strongest Within Her

Ymir & Eren As The True Founding Titan

Given that Ymir had the power of all the Titans in the palm of her hand, it only goes without saying that her version of the Founding Titan was the strongest Titan in existence. It was only after her power split up that these Titan Powers ended up getting somewhat muted.

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However, no matter how many Titan powers an individual might try to capture, they will never reach close to the sheer power wielded by Ymir. Her Titan was in a class of its own and caused significant death and destruction across the land.

6 The Name For Historia’s Alter Ego Came From An Alternate Moniker For Ymir

Historia Reiss from Attack On Titan

Before regaining her memories and becoming the rightful queen, Frieda Reiss used to take care of Historia and read a ton of stories to her. In fact, one of these stories detailed the Eldian interpretation of Ymir’s legacy… albeit with one major change.

For some reason, Frieda recited a version of this story that had Ymir’s name switched with that of Christa. It goes without saying that this impressionable story stuck in the mind of Historia long after she lost her memories of Frieda, leading to her taking on the new name of Krista Lenz.

5 She Was Turned Into A Slave For The Eldian King

anime ymir fritz

While most people considered Ymir to be this larger-than-life figure, the truth of the matter is that she was actually nothing more than a captured slave who happened upon the Titan powers by accident and became a slave to the Eldian King. The man was the epitome of greed and used these powers for his own gain.

She was forced to serve the king and have his children, with little to say in the matter. The dominance of the king was so strong that Ymir ended up developing Stockholm Syndrome and tried her hardest to serve the will of the Eldian King, even after her demise!

4 Her Village Was Slaughtered By The Eldians


In an ironic turn of fate, the legendary figure of Eldian folklore was actually captured by this race after they ended up destroying her entire village. Her parents were murdered and her tongue—along with the other captured slaves from the village—was cut as well.

The chain of events that led to her developing her Titan powers is also anything but poetic. In fact, it was the cruelty of the Eldians from the past that forced her down this dark road.

Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan

In an act of kindness, Ymir decided to let some pigs escape the slaughter of the Eldians. However, the soldiers were less than amused by this act and decided to force Ymir into a barbaric sport of sorts where they decided to hunt her down after letting her loose in a dense forest.

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A dazed and injured Ymir tried her hardest to escape the wrath of the Eldian soldiers before stumbling into a hole and merging with a spine-like creature that gave her the powers of a Titan. While this power should’ve ideally secured Ymir’s life, it seemed that fate had a darker path for her to explore.

2 Her Powers Were Abused By The King For The Glory Of Eldia

Ymir Fritz' Titan in Attack on Titan

The Eldian King is easily one of the most despicable characters Isayama has ever concocted for the series. The sheer number of inhumane injustices perpetrated by this tyrant was so extreme that most people can actually understand why the Marleyans hate Eldians with a passion!

The Eldian King treated Ymir like a tool, with her Titan powers being used to annex territories and strike fear in the heart of the opposition. She was even forced to have the king’s babies, who tried to have as many children as possible to keep the power of the Titans alive.

1 The Eldian King Forced His Daughters To Eat Their Mother’s Body After Ymir’s Demise

attack on titan eldian king

In a bid to save her monarch, Ymir died thirteen years after gaining the powers of the Titans. However, the king had absolutely no remorse or sympathy for her death at all.

In fact, the manner in which she treated Ymir’s body after her demise is downright despicable. He forced his three daughters—Maria, Rose, and Sina—to eat the body of their mother to keep the blood of Ymir alive in Eldians.

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