Pokemon Fan Shows Off Neat Pokemon Card Keyboard Keys

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With over 30 years since its initial release in 1996, the Pokémon franchise has many devoted fans that have been following the series since childhood. With new games coming out frequently and the next main series titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced for release in late 2022, many Pokémon fans have been expressing their nostalgia for earlier titles in the series, such as Pokemon Red and Blue.

In addition to over a dozen main series games and several spinoffs, including the recently released Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the franchise has also spawned a collectible trading card game. First launch in 1996, the same year as Pokemon Red and Blue, the trading card game challenges players to collect their favorite Pokemon and battle other Trainers by knocking out their cards. pokemon-themed trading card sets still see regular release, with some old cards, particularly those featuring first generation Pokemon, becoming valuable collector’s items that can sell for a high price.


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In the Pokémon Reddit community, a user going by u/poochie-dingo showed off a unique way of integrating Pokemon cards into their gaming PC setup. The user crafted a set of clear acrylic key caps with miniature reproductions of Pokemon cards inside. On Reddit, u/poochie-dingo specifically showed off their WASD keys, which have been replaced with Mew, Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise key caps respectively. They explained that they were feeling particularly nostalgic because they were using the keyboard to play pokemon, an enhanced version of red and blue released in 1998 as a tie-in to the Pokémon animated television series.

User poochie-dingo also revealed on Reddit that they have crafted many other acrylic key caps featuring cards from not just pokemon, but other popular trading card games such as Yu Gi Oh and Magic: The Gathering. Their Pokémon key caps focus primarily on cards from the first and second generation of Pokemon and include such popular offerings as Pikachu, Gyarados, Lapras, and various Legendary Pokemon including Moltres and Groudon. They also run an Etsy store where they sell these key caps, including custom-made caps featuring purchasers’ Pokemon of choice – even the legendary and ultra-rare holographic Charizard.

This Reddit user’s choice to play pokemon yellow might be a particularly timely one. Unlike most Pokémon games, Yellow did not allow players to choose a starter Pokemon, instead pairing them with a Pikachu to match the anime’s lead character Ash Ketchum. Recently, Nintendo filed a copyright for the term “Pickachu,” leading Pokémon fans to speculate that a new game starring Pikachu might be in the works, possibly a spin-off title releasing some time after Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon trading cards are available for purchase online and in many game stores.

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