Pokémon: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Drew

Pokémon: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Drew
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Ever since its inception, the Pokémon franchise has been filled with lovable main characters and equally compelling rivals. Even rivals who start out bitter and cruel, such as Paul, serve their purpose by driving the protagonist forward and eventually become more likable. Others, like Zoey, are supportive and friendly right from the beginning, but still manage to push the main characters forward by inspiring one another to do better.

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Then there’s rivals such as Drew who serves as May’s main coordinator rival throughout the Hoenn region. He’s a cocky and confident trainer who quickly proves that he’s not just talk. It’s his critical nature towards May that pushes her to become the best version of herself that she can be.

10 Drew Proves His Good Nature Deep-Down During His First Appearance

drew smiling from pokemon

Drew comes off as a bit of a jerk during his first appearance in “Now That’s Flower Power!” He insults May and her Pokémon after watching her train. Drew immediately challenges May to a battle to prove his standing as the superior trainer when next they meet.

Despite this, Drew also shows off his good-natured side during this episode. After Team Rocket shows up and steals the berries that the heroes were looking for, Drew helps May and the others retrieve them without question.

nine Drew Is The Only Main Character To Have A Movie-Exclusive Hometown

drew peace sign pokemon

One thing shared between all Pokémon trainers, no matter how experienced or what kind of person they might be, is that they all have a hometown. Drew is a bit of a special case, though, as he’s the only main character to come from a hometown that’s only ever seen in one of the Pokémon movies.

Drew’s hometown is LaRousse City. Pokémon’s favorite heroes can be seen going to the city in the Destiny Deoxys movie. LaRousse City also makes a cameo in the Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew movie.

8 Drew Has Two Different English Voice Actors

drew holding a rose pokemon

In anime, it’s common for characters to have more than one voice actor for one reason or another. Having one voice actor voice the present-day character and another voicing them as a young child is the most common scenario, but this isn’t always the case.

Drew’s original English voice actor was Pete Zarustica who was later replaced by Bill Rogers. The change in voice actor was because the dubbing got switched over to another company. So, some old roles that made later re-appearances were given to new voice actors.

7 Drew Beats Ash Despite Being At A Type Disadvantage

drew and ash from pokemon

Drew and Ash have their first official battle during the Pokémon episode “Pros And Con Artists.” During this fight, Drew pits his prized Roselia against Ash’s Tailow even though Drew knew that doing this would put him at a type disadvantage.

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Despite Drew’s disadvantage, he’s still able to claim victory, proving to not only Ash, but also the onlooking May that skill and dedication can outweigh even the strongest disadvantages. This helps set Drew up as a compelling rival who isn’t all talk.

6 Even Though Drew’s A Harsh Rival, He’ll Complement May On A Well-Earned Victory

drew may a rose pokemon

Drew might be a tough rival, but he’s not a sore loser. He demonstrates this during the Pokémon episode “Come What May” where May and Drew both compete in the Fallarbor Contest. Drew loses to a competitor named Grace’s Medicham.

May goes on to win the contest and afterwards Drew congratulates her and gives her a red rose. This shows that while he’s competitive, he’s not bitter about his losses like some other rivals.

five Drew Puts The Well-Being Of His Pokémon Above His Desire To Compete

drew's roselia attacked pokemon

Drew may be a fierce competitor, but he also understands the value in treating one’s Pokémon with respect as true partners. This includes understanding when his partners are at their limits and refusing to push them any further.

Drew demonstrates this during the Pokémon episode “Disaster Of Disguise” as his Roselia is injured badly during a fight against a Dusclops. Although Drew wants to participate, he feels that his Roselia hasn’t healed enough and shouldn’t be subjected to battle. Instead, Drew watches as an audience member.

4 By The Time Drew Meets May, He Has Already Won Three Ribbons

drew with five ribbons pokemon

Drew is hyper-critical of May right off the bat and has no problem insulting her as well as the way she goes about training her Pokémon. Although it’s irritating to be on the receiving end of this, it’s not as if Drew doesn’t have the credentials to back up his words.

After all, by the time May and Drew first meet – with the former still being a newbie to the contest scene – Drew’s already got three ribbons under his belt. It’s revealed that he isn’t critical of May to try to discourage her, but rather to push her to train more seriously.

3 Drew Won’t Catch Wild Pokémon If They’re Shown To Have A Family

growlithe pups and mother arcanine pokemon

Drew isn’t heartless when it comes to Pokémon. This doesn’t just include those that he counts as members of his valuable team, but this kindness is extended to even Wild Pokémon as well.

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In the Pokémon episode “On Cloud Arcanine” after Drew makes his way to Kanto, he attempts to catch an Arcanine and fails. He refuses to give up until he realizes that the Arcanine is actually a mother and has a pack of Growlithe cubs it’s taking care of. This makes Drew decide it’s better to give up.

2 Drew Refuses To Sabotage May & Actively Stops Another Competitor From Doing So

harley and drew pokemon

It’s true that Drew values ​​victory, but he loves to win in the proper, ethical sense of the word. He isn’t so desperate to win and prove himself that he’s willing to sabotage a fellow competitor — something that Harley is seen attempting to do with May’s performance in “Going For Choke!”

Harley’s so desperate that he ends up teaming up with Team Rocket to try to thwart May’s road to victory. Drew helps Ash and the others escape from Team Rocket’s trap and allows them the opportunity to stop Harley’s plans in their tracks.

one Drew Appears In The Manga & His Character Is Portrayed As More Arrogant

drew in pokemon manga

Drew does make an appearance in the Pokémon “Ash & Pikachu” manga. While his appearance is vastly different, it’s obvious through his insulting of May, being a coordinator as well as having a Roselia as his trademark partner that it’s clearly him.

Drew’s portrayal as being more arrogant than his Pokémon anime counterpart, going as far as to tell May that she shouldn’t even bother entering a contest and laughing at her. The other notable difference is that he’s almost always seen breaking out into dance. The rose motif is similar, but Drew in the anime isn’t constantly holding one in his mouth, whereas in the manga he’s seen doing so.

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