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New Attack on Titan OVA (OAD) Will Air Before Season 4

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Hidden in the exciting announcement about Attack on Titan’s Season 4 return was another message. Fans will also be treated to a brand new animation (OAD or OVA) before Season 4 comes back!

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NOTE: Since this article was written, it is appearing less likely that we will get a new OVA after all. However, there is other exciting news about AoT OVAs that you can read about in our newer story here.

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A New Original Animation Will Release Before Season 4

According to Shingeki no Kyojin’s official website, the return of Season 4 isn’t the only thing that fans have to look forward to. They’ll also get to enjoy a new OAD (often referred to as an OVA.)

Google’s English translation from the official website reads:

“Before the new broadcast, a special omnibus that looks back on the progress so far, and an original animation (OAD) that talks from the perspectives of Levi, Ani, Mikasa, etc. will also be broadcast!”

So it looks like not only will fans get a recap movie, as often happens before a new season premieres, but there will also be a new OAD. This appears to be similar in format to the OVAs that have been released previously for Attack on Titan. What’s not clear is if they will air immediately before Season 4 in January 2022 or if they will be released sometime earlier.