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How The Survey Corps Helped Humanity Survive

Ways in which the Survey Corps saved humanity in Attack on Titan
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The sheer impact that Attack on Titan has had in the realm of pop culture simply cannot be understated. The anime has shot to the very top of the popularity charts since day one and hasn’t let go since, providing viewers with one of the best shonen tales of all time that sports twists and turns at every junction. Watching the Survey Corps fight against insurmountable odds to secure humanity’s future is quite a treat indeed.

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In fact, the Survey Corps has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that humanity constantly fights in the face of these odds and comes back with the means to attain victory. The sacrifices they’ve made in Attack on Titan have been truly immense and for the greater good, with the following victories in their war to safeguard humanity being some of the most impactful of the lot.

10 Constantly Putting Themselves In Harm’s Way To Study The Titans

Eren saving Armin in Attack on Titan

The Survey Corps is easily the boldest military unit in the world of Attack on Titan. After all, no other unit could measure up to the sheer guts of this force every single time they went for an expedition beyond the walls.

They constantly placed themselves in jeopardy just so that they could study Titans and understand what made them tick. It was a bold approach from this military group that definitely paid off further down the line.


9 Ensuring That No Harm Would Befall Eren


After Eren revealed himself to the world as a human with Titan powers, it was easy to see why people were wary of him. After all, the very existence of Eren itself could’ve been a huge threat to humanity’s survival within the walls.

Thankfully, the Survey Corps managed to convince the government that Eren could serve as a tool in their war for humanity. While the manner of their argument was a bit brutal, it nevertheless got the job done and brought them one step closer towards uncovering the mystery of the Titans.

8 Securing Trost District

Trost District in Attack on Titan

The manner in which the Colossal and Armored Titan breached Trost District was pretty brutal and marked another dark moment in humanity’s struggle. However, this also marked an opportunity for Eren to showcase his Titan powers for the benefit of humanity.

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While it took some effort, Eren managed to lift a boulder that could cover the breach in Trost District. It might’ve been a huge undertaking, but the fact that humanity finally won in their efforts against the Titans marked a major shift for their struggle.

7 Capturing The Female Titan

The Female Titan Inside The Walls

The Female Titan had been the bane of everyone’s existence for quite some time. However, the Survey Corps finally managed to uncover the fact that this titan was none other than Annie herself.

Capturing her wasn’t an easy task in the slightest, with the entirety of Stohess District being obliterated in this battle. However, the end result was worth it, since the Female Titan was captured once and for all.

6 Uncovering The Identities Of The Colossal And Armored Titans

Reiner and Bertholdt transforming in Attack on Titan

The Colossal and Armored Titans had been a major pain in humanity’s side for the longest time. Thankfully, with the capture of the Female Titan, the Survey Corps was able to identify the other two people who had these Titan powers as well.

Reiner and Bertholdt might’ve been great characters in their own right, but there’s no denying the fact that they were actively fighting against humanity’s best interests. Thankfully, after figuring out their identity, the Survey Corps could finally take another step towards defeating these Titans for good.

5 Overthrowing A Government That Was Working Against Humanity’s Best Interests

Rod Reiss in Attack on Titan

The most disheartening part about Attack on Titan is how humans work for their own selfish interests instead of the collective good. This could be seen within the Military Police and Royal Family itself, who were striving to hide the truth for the longest time.

Thankfully, with the efforts of the Survey Corps, the Royal Family was exposed for the sham it really was. It was a monumental victory that brought humanity one step closer to learning the truth of their existence.

4 Attaining The Power Of The Colossal Titan

The colossal titan from Attack on Titan

During the battle to retake Shiganshina, the Survey Corps hatched a plan that potentially allowed them to capture all three Titan powers that had been plaguing them for the longest time. Unfortunately, they could only get their hands on the Colossal Titan after things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

This wasn’t a negative in the slightest, however. The Colossal Titan was incredibly powerful in his own right and ensured that humanity could fight back against the powers that were stopping them for the longest time.

3 Finally Securing Shiganshina Once And For All

aot shiganshina

Shiganshina had fallen to the might of the Titans from the very first episode. Retaking this district was invaluable in humanity’s fight against the Titans, especially because of the secrets that lay dormant in the basement of Eren’s house.

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While the casualties were immense, the Survey Corps managed to retake Shiganshina. This monumental victory allowed them to breach all the holes in their walls once and for all.

2 Figuring Out The Secret Behind Their Existence And Oppression

Grisha crying in Attack on Titan

After uncovering the secrets left behind by Grisha Yeager, the Survey Corps realized that their oppressed existence was nothing more than a farce. The truth was way more bleak and diabolical than they could’ve ever imagined.

The truth was that the residents of Paradis Island were actually members of a race called Eldians who had the power to turn into Titans. This race had oppressed Marley for the longest time before a war overturned the balance of power and led to the Marleyans oppressing Eldians at every step of the way.

1 Unleashing An Assault On Marley For The First Time

The Attack Titan destroying Marley in Attack on Titan

While the assault on Liberio wasn’t in the Survey Corps’ plans, Eren’s reckless behavior forced their hand to unleash some much-needed payback against their oppressors. The ensuing battle was extremely brutal and featured shades of the very first episode and the wanton destruction that was unleashed on Shiganshina.

Keeping the ethical and moral ramifications of this attack aside, there’s no denying the fact that this act of war made it clear that the Eldians would not give in to their oppressors. This direct move against Marley was a tipping point in the balance of power that was present in Attack on Titan all this time.

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