Five items you could find in your spring clean that could net you thousands of euro

Five items you could find in your spring clean that could net you thousands of euro
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If you’re preparing for your big spring clean this weekend, you might want to keep an eye on what you’re getting rid of, as they could be worth thousands of euro.

That’s the advice from eBay, who have published their top five things that could be gathering dust on a shelf in your attic but might actually be able to net you some big bucks.

Some are expected as they’re always valuable, but other trends in the last year or two have seen the value for some objects rocket up.

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Here’s what you should be looking out for when you’re doing your dusting..

Early Edition and unique books

Early edition prints of popular novels, biographies and other books can fetch into the thousands on eBay.

An expert explained: “Condition and rarity play a big part in the final price you can expect and if they’re out of print, you can expect even more.

“For instance, a 7th edition copy of Ulysses by James Joyce, printed in 1925, fetched €1613 on ebay.ie in 2021. History books can also yield a tidy sum. A complete set of The Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin 1884-2000 (Volumes 1,2,3) sold for €81 on eBay in February.”

Colorful Typewriters

Vintage typewriters are having a comeback!

The expert continued: “Retro typewriters are growing in popularity with hipsters who want to ditch the tech and get creative the old school way, while others are snapping them up for decorative purposes for their homes. Prices for vintage typewriters range anywhere from €11 – €115 on ebay.ie right now. Working typewriters can generate most interest, especially fun colors like duck egg blue or pink.”

designer products

We’re being urged more and more to recycle our clothing and sell them off second-hand if needed.

Well, if you do via eBay and you’ve got some designed clobber on your hands, you might be set to cash in

The expert says: “Designer brands are a popular search term on ebay.ie.

“Searches for Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are particularly high on the online marketplace.

“People want quality staples, but more and more people are looking to shop sustainably, for some it has become a hobby, so it’s a real win win. If you have any old designer clobber in your wardrobe that is taking up space, why not sell it and pocket the cash? Designer bags in particular hold their value and can sell for hundreds.”

1980s Video Games

This is one that could be seriously valuable.

Were you big for the Atari? A Nintendo 64 gamer perhaps?

Well, right now on eBay, there are a whole host of retro Nintendo games for sale with prices ranging from €10 up to a whopping €3,486 for a factory sealed Mega Man Nintendo 64 Game.

The expert continues: “Again, good condition, unused, or rare edition games tend to be more covetable to collectors, but you can still earn a pretty penny if you have several old games collecting dust in your attic and they sell for €10 – €20 each.”

Pokemon Cards

It’s an old classic.

The trading card game was the king of the playgrounds and school yards around Ireland long before iPhones and Fortnite were a thing.

Pokémon cards are always a top seller on ebay.

The expert says: “In the past year alone, sales for Pokémon cards went up 37% on eBay (2021 V 2020). The top two Pokémon cards sold on eBay last year include a Charizard 1st Edition Holo which sold for $9,000 (€8,195) ).Meanwhile a 2003 Pokémon Lugia Holo Aquapolis sold for $9,015 (€8,208) on the online marketplace.”

Colin McCallion, eBay Ireland’s Head of Commercial Operations, added: “If you want to make some extra cash, the best thing you can do is take stock of what is in your attic or closet catching dust.

“As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and you never know what little crock of gold you might be sitting on; it could be a covetable collectable or a vintage item from bygone eras, these kinds of items can sell for hundreds and even thousands of euros on ebay.”

Colin also gave some key advice for you if you are selling on the site.

He said: “If you’re unsure if your item has any significant monetary value, you can search for similar items on eBay and get a sense for how much the item usually sells for. When listing your items, make sure you take a clear photo of the product and use plenty of relevant search terms in the title so people can find your listing easily. With 183 million buyers in 190 markets on eBay it’s very easy for people to find a buyer for their wares, regardless of how unusual the item might be. So just sit back and watch the sales come in.”

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