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Dragon Ball: 10 Times Goku Was A Team Player

Dragon Ball: 10 Times Goku Was A Team Player
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It’s extremely rare that an anime series is able to connect on the same universal level as Akira Toriyama’s dragon ball. For over three decades Toriyama’s foundational shonen series has helped reinforce the building blocks of the genre as well as influence countless other action series. dragon ball covers a lot of territory, but it never strays too far from its focus on Goku’s determined efforts to keep the planet safe from evil.

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Goku is one of the most powerful individuals in the universe, but his strength isn’t always enough to handle the problem at hand. Sometimes the evil in dragon ball is so severe that the heroes need to work togetherwhich has led to many occasions where Goku relies on teamwork rather than his individual power.

10 The Group Fights Against Vegeta During The Saiyan Invasion

The villains who threaten the universe in dragon ball only grow progressively more powerful, but dragon ball z’s first big showdown between Goku and Vegeta remains one of the franchise’s most thrilling battles. There’s true tension felt as these relatively equal Saiyans attempt to take each other out. Dragon Ball Z usually gives Goku the victory, but what makes this fight so well-conceived is that Gohan, Krillin, and even Yajirobe all play vital roles in Vegeta’s defeat. It’s still one of the best team efforts from the franchise.

9 He’s In Charge Of Recruitment For The Tournament Of Power

Tournaments routinely occur in each of the dragon ball series, and they’re an effective way to showcase tons of battles with little setup, as well as demonstrate how much everyone has grown in power. Dragon Ball Super concludes with the Tournament of Power, a multiversal battle royale competition between the strongest fighters from across all universes. Each universe can only assemble ten fighters, and the recruitment process for Universe 7 becomes Goku’s responsibility. It’s a strong opportunity where Goku objectively weighs the pros and cons of others to figure out who will make up the best team.

8 He Holds Back So That Gohan Can Save The Day Against Cell

Dragon Ball Z develops a pesky habit where it’s usually Goku who gets to claim the victory over a new villain. Cell’s attack on Earth makes for such a refreshing change of pace because it signals a time where Goku is more convinced of his son’s potential than his own.

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Goku progressively moves to the sidelines as he becomes determined to activate Gohan’s fighting spirit and prove that he’s strong enough to handle the situation. Goku’s treatment of Cell is very dependent upon his faith in Gohan.

7 His Spirit Bomb Against Kid Buu Requires Help From Earth’s Population

Anime Dragon Ball Z Population Donates Energy Spirit Bomb

the Spirit Bomb is arguably Goku’s strongest attack, and it’s a maneuver that he frequently resorts to in order to completely eradicate his opponent. However, one tricky Spirit Bomb caveat is that its strength depends upon the number of people available to donate energy, let alone if they’re willing to lend their strength to Goku. This turns every use of the Spirit Bomb into a group effort where Goku requires help from the population to succeed. The most passionate example of this is the Spirit Bomb that’s formed against Kid Buu, where Goku receives help from the entire population.

6 He Relies On Fusion

goku and vegeta fusion

Goku and the rest of the characters in dragon ball continue to uncover new transformations of power that push them to unprecedented levels of strength. However, there are still occasions where the power of one fighter just isn’t enough. Fusion is a handy procedure that allows more than one fighter to combine into a new individual with combined strength and qualities. Goku turns to fusion with Vegeta, first against Buu, and it’s become a common tactic since then. Fusion inherently involves teamwork since the individuals who perform the process need to be completely in sync with one another. It involves implicit trust.

5 His Decides To Not Be Wished Back With The Dragon Balls

The abilities frequently of the Dragon Balls are turned to as justified ways to reverse the tragedies or obstacles that the heroes have experienced. Goku has died on more than one occasion and benefitted from the powers of the Dragon Balls to come back to life.

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The heroes attempt to revive Goku again following his defeat against Cell, but Goku refuses the gesture and argues that his presence on Earth only invites greater threats to attack. In a roundabout way, Goku’s decision to stay deceased is the ultimate team player act as he puts the bigger picture above himself.

4 He Fights Alongside Frieza Against Jiren

Anime Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Goku Frieza Android 17 Team Attack

One of the more polarizing decisions that Goku makes is his choice to pull Frieza out of the afterlife and fight on Universe 7’s team in the Tournament of Power. Frieza’s participation is fueled by ulterior motives, and the audience can never be completely sure that he’s fully cooperating with Goku and the rest of Universe 7. That being said, it’s a truly triumphant example of teamwork when Goku and Frieza put their history aside and pool their strength together to take on Universe 11’s Jiren. It’s an incredible battle and Goku fully acknowledges his need for Frieza’s help from him.

3 He Goes On An Galactic Voyage With Trunks & Pan For The Black Star Dragon Balls

Anime Dragon Ball GT Goku Trunks Pan Space Travel

Dragon Ball GT still has its fair share of detractors, but it’s a fun experiment that explores some creative ideas for theseries. Dragon Ball GT kicks off with Goku getting turned back into a child and the dire mission to scour the galaxy for the Black Star Dragon Balls before the Earth explodes. Goku remains the lead through this operation, but he heads out into space with both Pan and Trunks, who are especially helpful following his unexpected youthful transformation of him. There’s consistent teamwork between the trio as they hunt for these unique Dragon Balls.

two He Participates In The Tag-Team Fight Against Goku Black

the siege that Goku Black launches against all mortals in Dragon Ball Super is one of the biggest dangers that the universe has ever faced. There’s a legitimate mystery that surrounds the circumstances behind Goku Black and how he can exist. All hands are on deck to handle this half-immortal tyrant, and even forgotten maneuvers like the Evil Containment Wave are considered as solutions. Goku’s own powers aren’t enough here, and he has to launch a concentrated tag-team effort with Vegeta, Future Trunks, and ultimately Omni King Zeno, to come out victorious.

1 He Trained Krillin For The Tournament Of Power

Goku and Krillin!  Back to the Old Family Training Ground

Krillin is Goku’s oldest friend, and they have a history of helping each other grow stronger that goes all the way back to their initial training under Master Roshi. Goku has enough faith in Krillin to put him on Universe 7’s team for the Tournament of Power, but Krillin is less convinced of his skills than him and is worried that he’s become weak in recent years. Goku ca n’t accept this, and he spends some dedicated time with Krillin to help him train, conquer his fears of him, and feel rejuvenated for the Tournament of Power. It’s a really touching moment for them.

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