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Dragon Ball: 10 Times Goku Lost Vegeta’s Respect

Dragon Ball: 10 Times Goku Lost Vegeta's Respect
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There are few anime that have been able to build as enduring of a reputation as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. For over three decades, dragon ball has been at the top of the shonen genre, and the continued adventures of Goku and company have never stopped being entertained. The basics of dragon ball haven’t changed in many respects, but the series’ scope continues to expand and more remarkable characters get added to the mix, with reformed villain Vegeta being another standout.

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Goku and Vegeta have become dangerous teammates, and a complex friendship has formed between them, but their personalities can often clash. Goku is often a genius in battle, but there are plenty of occasions where his decisions have given Vegeta pause.

10 Vegeta Can’t Believe Goku’s Obliviousness Toward Romance

Chichi kisses a very confused Goku

It’s a real turning point in dragon ball when Goku marginally settles down and begins a family. It’s a sweet idea, but right from Goku’s wedding with Chi-Chi, he appears to be perplexed by the concept of what’s going on. Goku and Chi-Chi aren’t overly affectionate in public, and their love language seems to largely revolve around criticism. Vegeta becomes especially disgusted with Kakarot when he earnestly reveals that he doesn’t even know what kissing is and that somehow major tenets of romance have evaded him.

9 Goku Uses Pictures Of Bulma To Bribe Old Kai

Anime Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Yells At Goku Old Kai Bribe

The awakening of Majin Buu forces the heroes in dragon ball to turn to as many resources as possible in their efforts to somehow overpower the threat and permanently eliminate him. Part of this plan involves Gohan training on the Sacred World of the Kais under Old Kai, but the prolific figure has some steep conditions before he’ll cooperate. Goku’s initial plan to get on Old Kai’s good graces is to bribe him with revealing photos of Bulma. When Vegeta catches wind of this, he doesn’t just lose respect for Goku, but he’s also absolutely furious with him.

8 Goku Exhibits Mercy Against The Ginyu Force

dragon ball builds a bit of a tradition with how the supporting characters will sometimes have to bid time against a group of villains until Goku arrives to save the day. the Ginyu Force is a powerful group of mercenaries that leave Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin overpowered on Planet Namek.

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Goku’s arrival demonstrates just how much his strength has grown when he easily disposes of Recoome, Burter, and Jeice. That being said, Goku doesn’t finish the job, and he allows the chance at redemption. Vegeta is furious, and he’s the one who ultimately kills these members of the Ginyu Force.

7 Goku Recruits Frieza For The Tournament Of Power

Frieza punches Goku, Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super covers some of the most important events from the entire dragon ball franchise, but the anime series concludes with a high stakes battle royale between the multiverse’s strongest fighters, the Tournament of Power. Goku does a reasonably good job with the individuals he assembles for Universe 7’s team. However, Goku turns to a deceased Frieza as a last-minute substitution, a question that gives everyone–but especially Vegeta–pause. Frieza turns out to be an asset, but he has ulterior motives and can never be fully trusted. Vegeta can’t understand why Frieza’s being given this second chance.

6 The Existence Of Goku Black Doesn’t Sit Well With Vegeta

The characters in dragon ball are no strangers to parasitic possessions or evil doppelgangers, but it’s always a jarring experience that gives characters pause, especially when they’re forced to fight against another version of themselves. Dragon Ball Super’s goku black material is initially so engrossing because there’s a genuine mystery over the circumstances that surround the origins of this evil version of Goku. Vegeta resents that this alternative version of Goku allows himself to get taken over and turned into such a vessel of universal destruction.

5 Goku Chooses To Stay Dead And Not Be Revived By The Dragon Balls

Death is never an enjoyable experience in dragonball, but thanks to the powers of the titular orbs, there have been numerous occasions where characters get several more chances at life after being wished back to life.

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There’s a moment where a wish is used to revive Goku, but he refuses the offer and asks to stay in the afterlife. Goku views his presence on Earth as a lightning rod of sorts and thinks it will be safer if he stays out of the picture. Goku ultimately backpedals on this, and the whole train of thought seems cowardly to Vegeta.

4 Goku Is Stubborn During The Frieza Fight On Namek

There have been some exceptionally powerful villains who have challenged Goku and the rest of Dragon Ball’s heroes, but the battle against Frieza on Planet Namek remains a watershed moment. Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo give it their all against Frieza and his many transformations from him, but none of it is enough. Frieza actually kills Vegeta, but he later finds himself revived. Vegeta recognizes that the planet is in the process of destruction, and he laughs at how Goku is still stuck on the planet and feuding against Frieza. He thinks that he’s squandered his time and doomed himself.

3 It Takes Goku A Long Time To Complete Training On Yardrat

Goku and Vegeta both know some highly useful contrasting techniques, but it’s always interesting when there is overlap between their training efforts. Vegeta arrives on Planet Yardrat years after Goku’s visit, but he turns to the individuals there for new powers that will help him defeat Moro. Vegeta learns that training on Yardrat is an extensive process, and it takes him months to properly complete it. While there, he trains under the Yardratian Elder, Pybara, who has also trained Goku. Pybara informs Vegeta that he’s more exceptional than Goku and completes the training at a faster rate.

two Vegeta Refuses To Help Goku With The Universal Spirit Bomb During The Tournament Of Power

Anime Dragon Ball Super Goku Universe 7 Spirit Bomb Tournament Of Power

The Tournament of Power pushes all of its participants to their limits because the risk of universe erasure is just too big of a consequence. There are some strong examples of teamwork and individual achievements from Universe 7’s fighters, and one of Goku’s later efforts is to turn to his remaining teammates to assemble energy for a Universe 7 Spirit Bomb. It’s supposed to be the ultimate gesture of cooperation, and even Frieza contributes energy to the technique. Bizarrely, Vegeta does not help out here, and he’s more concerned with his own efforts than him to win for his team.

1 Goku Gives Villains Senzu Beans

There’s no question that Goku’s one of Earth’s strongest heroes, and he’s saved the planet and taken out universal threats on multiple occasions. That being said, Goku is far from perfect and he sometimes exhibits questionable behavior, especially when he’s driven by the prospect of a powerful opponent. Goku chooses to give both Cell and Moro Senzu Beans when they’re in greatly impaired shape, which ends up having consequences that affect others besides Goku. It’s behavior that doesn’t just cause Goku to lose Vegeta’s respect, but others like Krillin and Piccolo are also just as perplexed.

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