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Dragon Ball: 10 Most Humble Characters, Ranked

Dragon Ball: 10 Most Humble Characters, Ranked
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For more than three decades, Akira Toriyama’s dragon ball has been a leading series in the exceedingly popular shonen genre of anime. There’s a lot to love about dragonball, whether it’s the incredible demonstrations of power, the unbelievable transformations, or the eclectic characters that fill the series. dragon ball have you carefully revised its formula and found ways to update itself to mesh with modern audiences, but Dragon Ball’s defining principles have never wavered.

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There’s lots of debate over who is the best or strongest character in dragonball, but humility and a humble nature can be in short supply. Thankfully, some of Dragon Ball’s characters know that they don’t always need to show off.

10 Good Buu Possesses Legendary Strength And Is Content To Take it Easy

Buu is one of the most dangerous villains to wreak havoc, and in his purest form he’s responsible for countless deaths throughout the universe. Buu undergoes various transformations that introduces different versions of the character into the mix. The rotund Good Buu sticks around after Kid Buu’s defeat, and this dangerous presence becomes completely happy to just relax and indulge in Earth’s luxuries. Good Buu could be an incredible fighter, come by his ability to get himself in shape for a tournament in Dragon Ball Super, yet he’d rather kick back with Hercule Satan and stuff his face.

9 Goku Has Achieved The Power Of God But Hasn’t Lost His Naivety

Anime Dragon Ball Z Goku Instant Transmission Steals Glasses

goku is Dragon Ball’s central character and the audience have gotten to watch him blossom as a fighter in remarkable ways. Goku’s strength seems to be limitless, and he’s always coming upon new transformations and upgrades that have put him on equal footing to literal Gods. make no mistake, Goku loves a good fight and a worthy opponent, which can sometimes blind him, but he’s far from one to be boastful or let pride get in his way. Goku is such an unassuming figure because he masks his aggressive tendencies from him and retains his plucky demeanor from him.

8 Master Roshi Is A Legendary Martial Artist Who Has Become A Recluse

The whole reason that Master Roshi enters dragon ball in the first place is that Goku and Krillin are hopeful to learn from the prolific martial arts master. Master Roshi is still incredibly powerfulbut rather than endlessly parade his skills around he’s instead opted for a life of anonymity on his own private island.

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Master Roshi’s personality may be an acquired taste for some, but he’s been quite generous with training others and imparting knowledge over his signature attack, the Kamehameha. Roshi’s humility has allowed Goku and many others to prosper.

7 Videl Doesn’t Coast On Nepotism And Her Family’s Reputation

Following the defeat of Cell, dragon ball turns the clock forward and introduces a number of important new characters, like Videl. Videl and Gohan quickly connect and begin a family together, but he’s also drawn to her because of her natural abilities as a martial artist. Part of Videl’s strength comes from the fact that she’s the daughter of the very public figure, Hercule Satan. Hercule inflates his ego and hides behind fear and a lack of skills, but Videl is the opposite. Videl could consistently evoke her father’s name from her to receive privileges, but she does n’t.

6 Krillin Is More Than Happy To Occupy The Sidelines And Not Overextend Himself

Krillin is a deceptively complex character. He begins on relatively equal footing as Goku as they head down paths to become exceptional martial artists, but Krillin eventually realizes his limitations as a human fighter and feels no shame in retiring as a hero, so to speak. He faces death enough times that he gains a realistic impression of his strength from him. Krillin starts a family and decides to embrace a more humble and domestic life where he protects and serves as a police officer. He knows that he doesn’t always need to be getting stronger and providing himself on the battlefield.

5 Bulma Is One Of Earth’s Greatest Minds And Yet She Hides In Modesty

Due to the action-packed nature of dragonball, humility is most often expressed in relation to a character’s physical strength. However, Bulma is a vital figure in dragon ball and it’s because of her exceptional intelligence rather than her brute strength and ability to defend herself in battle.

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Bulma’s intellect is largely responsible for the technological advancements that have taken place at Capsule Corp, but she’s also responsible for the Dragon Radar and even a fully functional time machine. Bulma could exploit her brilliance and wealth from her, but she instead she is happy to help others.

4 Future Trunks Is Happy To Do The Work And Serve A Purpose

dbz trunks

Future Trunks is a beloved character in dragon ball and his limited appearances mark some of the most exciting periods in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Future Trunks must overcome a lot, and he even saves Goku’s life with crucial medication, but he never seeks adulation. Future Trunks is essentially responsible for saving two separate timelines. He could have returned home and become praised by the Resistance as a savior, but for Future Trunks, the work is its own reward. He may be Vegeta’s son, but he’s matured into a deeply respectful and humble Saiyan.

3 Piccolo Matures From Villain Into Dutiful Guardian

Piccolo protects Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

Several villains in dragon ball have become rehabilitated into powerful heroes, but Piccolo’s case is especially extreme since he’s specifically born to carry on his father’s evil vendetta against Goku. Piccolo possesses incredible skills, not just in relation to his strength, and he slowly shifts into the role of mentor to Gohan, and later Goten and Trunks. Piccolo understands that sacrifices need to be made and he’s ready to always put others before himself, whether it’s when he saves Gohan’s life or stays behind in hell in Dragon Ball GT.

two Android 17 Devotes His Life To Safety And Preservation

dragon ball You introduce Androids 17 and 18 as some of the most dangerous opponents that Goku and company have ever faced. The two mechanical menaces are responsible for the destruction of Future Trunks’ timeline and should not be underestimated. After Cell’s defeat, Android 17 seems to disappear, only to re-emerge in a major way in Dragon Ball Super. It’s revealed that Android 17 has devoted the rest of his life to protect the innocent creatures at a wildlife preservation site. Android 17 could destroy the world if he wanted, but he’s content instead to protect the helpless and disappear.

1 Gohan Trades His Superlative Strength For A Life Of Normalcy

The very first episode of Dragon Ball Z teases that Gohan possesses unprecedented power and that he’s one day destined to surpass the strength of his father. Gohan doesn’t officially take over as Earth’s ultimate protector, but he still accomplishes incredible things. The defeat of Cell and Old Kai’s Ultimate upgrade give Gohan serious bragging rights, but he never wants to gloat or show off his power from him. He even masks his identity from him and avoids attention by donning the disguise of the Great Saiyaman as he protects the public.

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