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Can Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and Goku’s Ultra Instinct Fuse?

Can Vegeta's Ultra Ego and Goku's Ultra Instinct Fuse?
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Neither Ultra Ego nor Ultra Instinct could defeat Granolah in Dragon Ball Super, but what would happen if they were used together?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter 75 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook, and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

The unveiling of Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation has turned Dragon Ball Super on its head. Even though Goku and Vegeta each fell to Granolah despite their divine powers, the powershift brought about by Ultra Ego’s debut has endless, exciting possibilities. While it’s certainly impressive that Granolah was able to defeat Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, how would he fare if Goku and Vegeta Fused with their new powers?

Goku’s and Vegeta’s partnership is more exciting than ever now that they both have godly abilities to further improve upon. Most interestingly, it appears that Goku has some catching up to do for once, considering that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego fared much better against Granolah than Goku’s Ultra Instinct did. Let’s take a closer look at these two divine powers and discuss what could happen if Goku and Vegeta ever decided to use Fusion again in the future.

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Vegeta’s Ultra Ego & Goku’s Ultra Instinct

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Ultra Ego is not technically the power of Destroyer Gods, it’s simply Vegeta’s name for the form he takes on when he wields the power of Destruction. Achieved from his training from him under Lord Beerus, Ultra Ego causes Vegeta to get a boost to his power from him whenever he takes damage in battle. Deliberately getting hit by his opponent’s attacks is the best way for Vegeta to capitalize on the form’s limitless potential, but the downside is that once his stamina gives him out, he is no longer powered up by his opponent’s attacks.

Ultra Instinct is the technique used by Angels, which Whis has confirmed is not a transformation, but rather a state of mind. The power of Ultra Instinct allows the user’s body to move without thinking, granting unbelievable speed and reflexes that prevent the user from taking damage. When used for offense, Ultra Instinct allows the user to maximize their attack power with the most efficient and effective strikes. However, when Ultra Instinct is used inexpertly, the user is left vulnerable, and their attacks become ineffective.

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Could Goku’s and Vegeta’s Fusion Use Ultra Ego AND Ultra Instinct?

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In the past, Goku’s and Vegeta’s Fusions, Vegito and Gogeta, have used techniques that only one of the Saiyans actually knows, so it’s only logical that this would apply to their divine abilities as well. Considering that Ultra Ego is a transformation, while Ultra Instinct is a state of mind, it stands to reason that the techniques could be used simultaneously. Goku has already used Ultra Instinct while using the Super Saiyan God transformation, so using it on top of powerups is already canonically possible.

Despite being opposites, Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct complement each other perfectly. Ultra Ego’s dependence on taking damage is its greatest weakness because once the user’s stamina gives out, he’s no longer powered up by taking hits. Ultra Instinct would perfectly cover for this by allowing the user to pick and choose which of his opponent’s attacks to deliberately be struck by. It’d also allow him to avoid further injury when he is approaching the limits of his endurance. On the other hand, Ultra Instinct isn’t infallible, and a powerful fighter can still land a blow against it, but simultaneously using Ultra Ego would turn this into an advantage.

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If Goku and Vegeta Fuse, Where Does Dragon Ball Super Go Next?

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Goku’s and Vegeta’s Fusions, Vegito and Gogeta, are already so overpowered with Super Saiyan Blue that it’s hard to imagine how strong they’d be with Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct. Vegito is too powerful for Potara Earrings to handle and Gogeta busted a hole into another dimension in his fight against Broly. Adding Goku’s and Vegeta’s new, divine powers to their Fusions would create warriors far beyond anything the series has ever seen.

The ability to wield the power of Destroyer Gods and Angels at the same time would make it hard to believe that there could be an enemy that Goku and Vegeta would lose to if they Fused. As a result, Dragon Ball Super will probably do with Fusion what Dragon Ball Z did with the Saiyans’ ability to get stronger after a near-death experience — just quietly stop doing it and pretend it never existed in the first place.

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