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Attack on Titan TV Specials Explained, is it New Episodes?

Attack on Titan TV Specials Explained, is it New Episodes?
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Attack on Titan is getting new TV specials in Japan, but is it actually new episodes or can you skip them?

Attack on Titan TV specials explained

Japanese TV channel NHK has announced the Attack on Titan NHK special omnibus episodes. A new episode will be aired each week until the beginning of the second part of The Final Season. The first episode was already aired in fact, on October 24.

There are seven episodes to be broadcast in total, and each will focus on a separate part of the series. The specials will also be told from the perspective of some of the main characters, including Levi, Mikasa, Annie, and others. These specials will summarize all of the 75 episodes of the series so far, all the previous seasons. In other words, these are recap episodes and you’ll be fine without watching them. There are several more points to note though.

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“Attack on Titan” The Final Season ED movie

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“Attack on Titan” The Final Season ED movie





NHK is doing this seeing it will be broadcasting the final part of the last season. This is a regular programming tactic for anime, and the past episodes will be recut for these “new” seven episodes.

Moreover, seeing the change of studio, it’s very unlikely new scenes will be added either. The first seasons of Attack on Titan were handled by WIT Studio. However, The Final Season is animated by Mappa. So long story short you can skip these episodes.

Lastly, it’s interesting to note that each of these episodes doesn’t necessarily follow themselves chronologically either, and instead each focus on a certain part of the lore.

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