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Attack on Titan-themed cafe to open at Esplanade mall on Apr. 1, 2022 – Mothership.SG

Attack on Titan-themed cafe to open at Esplanade mall on Apr. 1, 2022 - Mothership.SG
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Anime concept cafe Aniplus is bringing an “Attack on Titan” Final Season-themed experience to diners on Apr. 1.

“Attack on Titan”, which is in its fourth and final season, is slated to air its series finale on Apr. 3.

Located in Esplanade Mall, the cafe will be offering themed food and beverages as well as limited-edition collectibles.

Prices range from S$7.90 for a drink to S$19.90 for a Colossal Burger.

Image by Aniplus.

Recreated world of Marley

Aniplus has decked out its cafe space with interior inspired by the anime series.

Photo by Aniplus.

Photo by Aniplus.

Two Titans will greet diners upon entering the cafe.

Fans can also enjoy the photo opportunities with the Survey Corps.

Photo by Aniplus.

Photo by Aniplus.

Themed food and drink

Aniplus has a curated menu that is inspired by certain characters and events in the anime.


1. Colossal Burger (S$19.90)

Served with fries, the meaty burger is named after the Colossal Titan.

Image by Aniplus.

2. Potatoes and Meat (S$15.90)

A combination of the food that Sasha who later died in battle was known to enjoy.

Image by Aniplus.

3. Welcome to Paradis Island (S$15.90)

The omelette rice with curry was inspired by the scene where Eren tosses the Marleyan ship on the shore off Paradis Island.

Image by Aniplus.

4. Titan Grub (S$15.90)

Aniplus also offers an all-day breakfast platter.

Image by Aniplus.


1. Through the Broken Wall (S$13.90)

The thick toast is filled with cubes of French toast, vanilla ice cream, chocolate wafer sticks, and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Image by Aniplus.

2. Devils of Paradise (S$13.90)

The perfect green represents the Scout Regiment’s cape.

Image by Aniplus.

3. The Dessert Cart (S$13.90)

This dessert is inspired by the Cart Titan who carries ammunition and supplies on her back.

Image by Aniplus.

4. Revenge for Liberio (S$13.90)

The apple crumble dessert is inspired by the scene where the Jaw Titan crashes through the ground below Eren.

Image by Aniplus.


Named after the Survey Corps, each drink is priced at S$7.90.

1. Mikasa

Image by Aniplus.

2. John

Image by Aniplus.

3. Hange

Image by Aniplus.


Image by Aniplus.

With every S$14 spent on the collaborative menu, you can bring home a set of limited-edition collectibles including a Titan Postcard and a sticker set.

Image by Aniplus.

Image by Aniplus.

Merchandise and collectibles

A diverse line-up of exclusive collaboration merchandise will be available at Aniplus, such as trading can badges, acrylic stand set, character shikishi boards, and clear folders.

Image by Aniplus.

Aniplus will also be giving a specially designed Large Postcard to visitors who purchase S$15 worth of Attack on Titan merchandise.

Image by Aniplus.

Those who purchase S$25 worth of Attack on Titan goods can receive an exclusive Character Can Badge.

Image by Aniplus.

Attack on Titan x Aniplus cafe

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13C Annex, Esplanade Mall

Opening hours: 12pm to 9pm, daily

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