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9 Techniques Pan Should Learn In Dragon Ball Super

9 Techniques Pan Should Learn In Dragon Ball Super
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Pan’s martial arts skills have a long way to go, but that just emphasizes her potential and the techniques that she can make a part of her arsenal.

It’s not easy for an anime series to endure for multiple decades, but Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super has kept his signature shonen going and come that there are many stories left to tell. The various dragon ball series have largely been focused on Goku’s journeys and growth, but he’s slowly gained an extended family, who have also matured over time. Pan, Goku’s granddaughteris the youngest member of the Saiyan family.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero finally advances Pan to an age where she can genuinely contribute to combat. Ella’s pan’s martial arts skills have a long way to go, but that just emphasizes her potential and the techniques that she can make a part of her arsenal.

9 Dragon Ball’s Kamehameha Is A Crucial Initiation For Any Character

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Goku Trunks Kamehameha

Goku’s first Kamehameha as a child is still one of Dragon Ball’s most satisfying moments and the powerful energy wave technique has practically become a rite of passage for the series’ main character. Master Roshi originates the maneuver and Goku makes it his own from him, but it becomes a staple of his entire family from him and most of Dragon Ball’s heroes. A Kamehameha feels like a foregone conclusion for Pan and it’s probably one of the first techniques that Gohan introduces her to after she demonstrates basic ki manipulation skills.

8 The Masenko Could Celebrate The Bond Between Pan & Her Father

Gohan makes heavy use of the Kamehameha during his youth and development as a fighter, but he also develops a comparable technique that’s his own spin on his father’s classic attack. There’s nothing overly complex about the Masenko, a two-handed maneuver that’s typically launched from above the user’s head or in front of their body. A Kamehameha can typically handle whatever a Masenko does, but it’d be a sweet passing of the torch from father to daughter if Gohan teaches Pan the Masenko. She could even add her own twist on the technique.

7 Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon Would Brand Pan As The Namekian’s Pupil

the Special Beam Cannon is Piccolo’s signature technique and it’s strong enough that it’s even taken out two Saiyans at once before. Gohan is Piccolo’s prize pupil and if he teaches anyone the Special Beam Cannon, it would be him.

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Similarly, Piccolo seems to train Pan in Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero. She might experience the same rigorous training that her father received and come out of the experience with the Special Beam Cannon. It’d be very satisfying to see Pan and Piccolo perform the attack in tandem.

6 The Solar Flare Is An Underrated Offensive Maneuver That’s Saved Many Lives

The techniques in dragon ball that routinely receive the most attention are the ones that cause devastating levels of destruction. That being said, good defensive maneuvers should not be underestimated, and they were much more crucial to success in the original. Dragon Ball. Solar Flare is a deceptively powerful technique that releases an intense light that ideally blinds the target. This is a beginner attack that many humans pick up early on in the series, which makes it an appropriate technique for Pan to learn early on in her martial arts career.

5 Hercule’s Satan Punch Could Actually Mean Something Coming From Pan

Pan is the granddaughter of Goku, but she’s also Hercule Satan’s grandchild from Videl’s side of the family. Hercule is quick to step into the spotlight and he’s established a very grandiose reputation for himself. Hercule’s professional wrestling mentality towards combat results in some telegraphed names for techniques that sound exciting, but aren’t anything special.

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For instance, Satan Punch is a Hercule classic, but it’s basically just a standard punch. However, Pan could reclaim her grandfather’s shoddy attacks and turn them into abilities that are actually practical and also improve Hercule’s image in the process.

4 Pan Is Long Overdue For The Super Saiyan Treatment

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Angry

More a transformation than a technique, Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan form has practically become synonymous with the anime series. This milestone achievement has become progressively common and not out of reach for a child. For a while it seems as if dragon ball didn’t know how to approach female Super Saiyans, but after characters like Kale and Caulifla it’s no longer uncharted territory. Pan is still extremely young, but audiences are ready to see her transform in this iconic manner. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will put both Gohan and Piccolo in danger, which might trigger the transformation in Pan.

3 The Destructo Disc Would Help Pan Punch Above Her Weight

Anime Dragon Ball Krillin Destructo Disc

The Destructo Disc has slightly gone out of fashion in dragonball, but it remains a highly dangerous technique that Pan could bring back in a big way. The Destructo Disc largely becomes Krillin’s trademark attack, but several characters pick it up over time and it’s a popular technique for humans to master. This means that Pan would be a good candidate to master the maneuver, even at a young age. Pan could accomplish a lot with the Destructo Disc — plus it’d make for a sweet bonding exercise between her and “Uncle Krillin.”

two Fusion Is A Helpful Trick To Be Able To Turn To In A Bind

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Teen Goten Trunks Fusion Pose

Fusion has become an increasingly popular solution to Dragon Ball’s problems. Initially, fusion was a last-ditch resort and a clever way for characters to drastically increase their strength. Fusion has become abused in the franchise and there are even video games that entirely revolve around the near-endless possibilities that it facilitates. Pan should develop more of her own personality from her before she’s pushed to fusion, but it might also be the only way for her to become strong enough to save her father from her. It’d be interesting for Pan to fuse with someone like Bulla, maybe after both Gohan and Vegeta’s lives are threatened.

1 Pan Is Perfect To Turn Her Grandfather’s Dynamite Kick Into A Deadly Blow

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Pan Kick

Dynamite Kick is another flashy technique that has roots that tie back to Hercule Satan. Dynamite Kick is a case of style over substance, but it’s not impossible for Pan to turn the attack into a deadly maneuver. Some of Dragon Ball’s video games have carried over Hercule’s Dynamite Kick to Videl, who surely does more with it than her father. Dynamite Kick might not be Pan’s strongest technique, but it could turn into a valuable bonding exercise with her mother de ella that also lights a fire under Videl to return to martial arts.

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