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10 Worst Things About Naruto We Can’t Help But Love

10 Worst Things About Naruto We Can't Help But Love
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Naruto is one of the most popular and beloved anime franchises of all time. Since its debut, it has become a household name. Even non-anime fans know who Naruto is, and the series even rivals classic giants like dragon ball. As much as fans love Narutoeveryone can agree that the series tends to be cliché, hammy, and even downright ridiculous sometimes.

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With hundreds of episodes and over 20 seasons, it’s no surprise that not everything in Naruto is perfect. However, many look past the kinks in the series and can still love it regardless. No matter how dumb the series gets, fans just can’t hate their favorite knuckleheaded ninja.

10 The “Never Give Up Message” Is So Cliché, But Naruto Makes It Work

Stories telling their viewers to “never give up on their dreams” is a tale as old as time. Fans have seen this moral shoehorned into half countless times, and many see it as an overused and tired cliché. But somehow, when Naruto does it, there’s just something uplifting and inspiring about it. Naruto fights for his dreams of him from the very start, his faith of him in himself and his friends of him never wavering. His charisma and spirit make viewers want to see him succeed. Even if the “never give up” message has been done so many times before, Naruto really gets the point across better than any other.

9 Naruto Is Far From The First Zero To Hero Protagonist

naruto hokage

At the beginning of the series, Naruto is the class clown, seen as nothing but a loser by his peers. However, he’s determined to prove them all wrong and show everyone in Konoha what he’s truly worth. The “zero to hero” trope is another overdone cliché in the series. Despite being overdone, it’s nothing but satisfying, watching Naruto go from a cursed child, hated by all, to the literal hero of his village. After everything he goes through, there’s no one more deserving of such love than him, and fans love seeing Naruto’s transformation of him.

8 He’s Another Shonen Protagonist With No Parents

Naruto Uzumaki Alone

It’s a common trope in shonen series for the protagonist to have no parents. It usually plays out in the same boring old way, leaving fans to predict the outcome long before it arrives. In a lot of ways, Naruto’s situation is predictable too. However, the series still pulls at fans’ heartstrings when revealing his tragic upbringing of him. Fans feel for Naruto as they see him grow up alone. This makes his transformation from him into a hero, and eventually Hokage, far more meaningful. The fact that he grew up with nothing makes his success that much more rewarding. He may not have had a family as a child, but as an adult, his whole village became his family, and there’s a lot of emotion and beauty in that sentiment.

7 Parallels Between Generations Feel Predictable, Yet Fans Still Love Them

Team 7 Poses For A Photo

The obvious parallels between generations in Naruto are a predictable move that everyone can see coming a mile away. However, fans can’t get enough of it. They love seeing how the genin compare to their sensei and how they compare to those who taught them. The parallels between Team 7 and the Legendary Sannin are a particular favorite among fans, showing how far the main trio has come since their humble beginnings.

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These generational comparisons show that everything the main characters learn stems way back to generations long ago, and in that sense, they carry a long legacy. This legacy continues as they pass it to their own children in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

6 They Save The Day With The Power Of Friendship And Everyone Loves It

Some anime fans can’t stand the “power of friendship” trope that’s still going strong in anime today. They see it as the ultimate cliché and one of the biggest cop-outs that creators can pull. However, there’s just something so nice about seeing the characters fans love coming together, combining their strengths, and defeating evil. It shows that friends can overcome anything, no matter how terrible. Naruto uses this trope perfectly, no matter the season or arc. One of the most important themes in the series is friendship and the value of bonds. With such an emphasis on friendship and found family, it would be shocking if Naruto didn’t save the day using the power of friendship.

5 Naruto’s Power-Ups Are Annoying To Some, But Not All

Throughout the series, Naruto undergoes constant power-ups that some may find a little ridiculous. While they do make sense, considering the immense power Kurama lends to him, the differences between Naruto’s abilities from start to finish are night and day. Despite this, fans love to see Naruto’s power evolve and change over time. The way he struggles at the start, not only with his own abilities but also the hidden power of the Nine-tailed Fox, it’s so satisfying to see him slowly gain control and push himself to his full potential.

4 Talk No Jutsu Is A Lazy Way To Resolve Conflict That Somehow Works Well

Naruto uses Talk no Jutsu on Nagato

One of the most infamous traits of the entire Naruto franchise is the Talk no Jutsu. No matter what the situation may be, even when dealing with the most despicable foes, Naruto is somehow able to make them see the error of their ways and turn to good just by talking to them. Even the biggest fans can admit that this is a lazy way to resolve conflict, especially after building up the tension for so long. Despite that, it’s a flawed yet endearing part of the series that many can look back at with amusement. No matter how silly the Talk no Jutsu is, it just works and works well.

3 Villains Are Almost Always Redeemed

Naruto has some pretty big baddies in it, especially as the series progresses. They’re all dangerous war criminals, guilty of some of the most atrocious acts known to man.

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Nevertheless, many of them turn over a new leaf, and for some reason or other, the heroes all accept this and welcome them with open arms. It’s a puzzling part of the series that many have criticized in the past. But while it’s a strange concept, it’s sort of nice to see the reformed villains in action.

two Naruto And Sasuke’s Complicated And Frustrating Bond

Naruto vs Sasuke

The bond between Naruto and Sasuke is one of the most important parts of the entire series. After Sasuke betrays Konoha, Naruto vows to bring his friend home, no matter what it takes. And as everyone knows, Naruto is a man of his word from him. However, fans get frustrated as he constantly chases after his old comrade from him, and there are many times when it feels like it’s all for nothing. But when the final face-off happens and Sasuke finally decides to return, there’s nothing more rewarding than the moment Team 7 shares when they finally reunite for good. Naruto and Sasuke’s friendship may be frustrating, but it’s vital to the series and a prime example of the importance of bonds and family in Naruto.

1 Naruto’s Powers Make Him Almost God-Like

Along with the frustration of Naruto’s constant power-ups, some feel that Naruto becomes far too overpowered by the end of the series. He and Sasuke both are in a class of their own by then, and any other shinobi pale in comparison to them. While that may be true, fans have grown to accept the outrageous amount of power Naruto has, and honestly, it makes sense considering how powerful Kurama is. This major power boost allows Naruto to stand alongside the other big names of anime, making him a match even for Goku himself. Whether he’s too powerful or not, Naruto has reached legendary status, and fans are here for it.

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