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10 Times Falco Was The Best Character In Attack On Titan

Falco's New Jaw Titan Changes the Series' Endgame
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Attack on Titan is a show filled with so many good characters it’s hard to pick a single favorite. But there is one character that stands out among the rest. Though he was introduced in the final season, Falco Grice has made a lasting impact on fans’ hearts.

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Falco is a wholesome boy with a kind soul, always looking out for others and trying to do his best. In a show as grim as Attack on Titan, a character like Falco is surely appreciated. He may not have been around long, but Falco’s positive qualities earn him the title of Attack on Titan‘s best character.

***Manga Spoilers Ahead***

10 When Falco Chose To Inherit The Armored Titan

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Attack on Titan introduced fans to Falco and his fellow Marleyan Warrior candidates fighting to inherit the Titans still under Marley’s control. One of Falco’s opponents is a young girl named Gabi, who happens to be a top pick for inheritance. This is upsetting to Falco, but not for reasons that viewers may think.

Falco fears for Gabi, knowing that the life of a Titan is dangerous. On top of this, the lifespan of a person who inherits a Titan can not surpass that of the founder Ymir. This means they will die 13 years later at a very young age. Falco cannot bear the thought of this. The only way he knows he can save Gabi is to become the one to inherit the armored Titan instead of her. Falco’s willingness to sacrifice himself right from the start has fans loving his character, even if he’s on the “enemy’s” side.

9 When Falco Delivered “Mr. Krugers” Letter

Kruger Talks To Falco In Attack On Titan

Falco continues to show his kindness when he meets a wounded soldier and the two develop a friendship. After chatting a few times, the soldier, named Mr. Kruger, asks Falco to deliver a letter for him. Falco, always wanting to help, does as Mr. Kruger asks.

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What Falco doesn’t know is that the man is actually Eren Yeager and in the letter is a plan of attack on Marley. This simple scene perfectly illustrates Falco’s innocence and kindness in a world of war, something he holds onto until the end of Attack on Titan.

8 When Falco Jumped In To Keep Jean From Shooting Pieck

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During the attack on Marley, Pieck is cornered by Jean who is preparing to shoot her Titan form. Knowing Pieck’s Titan is the weakest, Falco doesn’t hesitate to run in front of her. He begs John not to shoot but his pleas are ignored. Thankfully, due to Pieck’s Titan steam, Jean is injured causing him to misfire.

This causes minor injuries to both Pieck and Falco, but ultimately the two survive. Though it didn’t stop Jean from firing, once again Falco’s bravery shines as he puts his life at risk for his fellow Marleyan.

7 When Falco Jumped Onto the Airship With Gabi

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As the Eldians are flying away from the wake of destruction in Marley, Gabi sees a clear entrance onto their ship. After killing an Eldian soldier she begins using his gear to climb aboard. Falco tries to talk her out of it but fails.

Instead of letting Gabi go by herself and potentially be killed, Falco decides to follow. Once onboard a series of tragic events result in Jean attempting to shoot Gabi. But Falco is not going to let that happen. Without a second thought, he once again jumps into action, shoving Gabi out of the way and narrowly missing the bullet himself.

6 When Falco Kept Gabi From Stabbing Kaya

After Gabi and Falco escape from their Eldian cell, they run away into the woods. While taking a break they are discovered by a young girl named Kaya who invites them back to her house. The two pretend to be siblings and stay with the family.

Though Falco is thankful for the stranger’s kindness, Gabi is disgusted to be spending time with Eldian “devils.” After a while, it is revealed that Kaya knew from the beginning that the two were escaped Eldians. Gabi reacts to this by trying to stab Kaya with a pitchfork. Luckily, Falco stops Gabi before she kills an innocent girl.

5 When Falco Took A Wine Bottle To The Head

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The family Falco and Gabi are staying with are invited to a dinner by Niccolo to honor their late daughter Sasha. Unaware of this reasoning, Gabi and Falco search to find Niccolo and reveal to him they are fellow Marleyans.

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Realizing that Gabi must be the girl who killed Sasha, Niccolo becomes enraged and tries to smash her head in with a wine bottle. But, Falco being Falco, dives to shield Gabi. The wine bottle breaks over his head instead causing him to pass out and consume some of Zeke’s spinal fluid.

4 When Falco Confessed His Feelings For Gabi

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During the chaos of battle, a sweet Attack on Titan scene takes place between Gabi and Falco. While hiding out from enemy attacks, Falco shares with Gabi the true reason behind fighting to become the Armored Titan. Falco confesses he has feelings for her and hopes that she lives a long and happy life.

A shocked Gabi is unable to respond before Falco is once again swept into action. This wholesome moment remains an emotionally resonant example of Falco’s selflessness.

3 When Falco Transformed Into The Jaw Titan To Help Reiner and Annie

Falco Grice's Jaw Titan in Attack on Titan

During a battle against the Yeagerist, the rebel team begins to lose stamina. Reiner and Annie’s Titans are quickly being chipped away and are no longer able to protect Armin and the rest of their team as they attempt to steal the airship. Falco watches from the sidelines as things grow grim.

Having just acquired the Jaw Titan, Falco is unable to stand and watch as his friends get killed. Against the advice of his team, he decides to transform for the first time. With the transformation, Falco and Pieck are able to turn the battle around, saving the mission from failure.

2 When Falco Kept His Promise To Keep Gabi Safe

Falco and Gabi - Attack on Titan

After learning he can fly, Falco uses his Titan powers to rescue his fellow teammates from being eaten. He then turns his sights toward Eren, prepared to go into the final battle against the attack Titan.

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However, as Falco is about to do so, he is reminded of the promise he made to Reiner to keep Gabi safe. Understanding Reiner, Falco chooses not to sacrifice himself and instead keeps a cautious distance away as the rest of the team takes down Eren.

1 When Falco Becomes Levi’s Caretaker

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attack on titan ends three years after the final battle, giving fans a glimpse of how the characters’ lives turn out. Fortunately for us, this includes sweet boy Falco. Though not everyone makes it to the end, Falco continues to have a good life. After all the things he’s been through, fans are happy to learn he never lost his kindness even as he grew up.

Falco’s story finishes up with him and Gabi together, taking care of a very tired (and probably grouchy) Levi. A happy ending indeed.

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