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10 Manga To Read If You Like Dragon Ball

10 Manga To Read If You Like Dragon Ball
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Not much can be said when it comes to dragon ball. Created by Akira Toriyama, this humble creation back in the 80s became one of the most impactful titles in all of Shonen. Easily bringing in the foundations and action that you have carried over to this day, dragon ball is still alive in the form of its sequel Dragon Ball Superwhich still has readers reading to this day.

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Of course with a series as enjoyable and beloved as dragon ballthanks to its great characters and fight choreography, it can be quite enjoyable to read other manga franchises that share some similarities.

10 one piece

one piece manga artwork

When fans think about influential shonen titles, it is clear that dragon ball would be at the top of the list. However, one other franchise has made its rise in popularity and has become arguably the dragon ball of the modern era. that is one piece.

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Not to let the long length scare anyone away, one piece is similar to the dragon ball franchise thanks to its remarkable characters and extremely memorable battles. The world is something that readers just can’t find anywhere else.

9 Naruto

Naruto is another series that has been influenced by dragon ball one way or another, however, the series has since become something unique to itself. Following the events of Naruto and the rest of the Leaf Village, fans got to see him grow from a child to a young adult. Something very similar to dragon ball.

The unique battles and transformations hold some similarities to dragon ball as well. However, with all that aside, Naruto’s greatest strength is the characters and the world that surrounds them.

8 sailor Moon

Sailor Moon manga

sailor Moon is a legendary Shoujo creation that is devised by Naoko Takeuchi. Similar to dragon ball, sailor Moon is easily considered one of the most popular manga of all time and in the 90s was also part of the anime boom.

The manga follows the story of the titular character who is tasked to protect the earth along with other characters. What makes this series unique is the beautiful and unique artwork that helps it stand apart similar to Toriyama’s. The cosmic stakes and action that they have to deal with are somewhat similar to Dragon Ball’s.

7 Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya is another influential manga franchise that fans should read. The series follows the adventures of the titular character along with the rest of the Saints.

Similar to what dragon ball has to go through if fans like to see cosmic battles and intense action scenes from Shonen, this is definitely the manga they should consider reading. It is also similar to dragon ball in the fact that it helped influence many franchises to come like several Gundam series.

6 Toriko

Toriko has a lot of similarities to dragon ball. One of the more obvious ones is the gluttony that both Toriko and Goku share. As eating a lot of food tends to be a trope for much shonen manga.

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However, outside of that, there are also similar elements from the different forms to the cool action. Not only that, but the main character also wears orange and his best friend is much shorter than him. remove similar to dragon ball with that alone.

5 Hajime no Ippo

The only sports manga that is on the list, Hajime no Ippo might be surprising for those that are unfamiliar with the series. However, just as dragon ball was known for its fighting, Hajime no Ippo excels on that. Putting in some of the most dynamic action set pieces that are ever seen in Manga.

The sense of speed and power is something that really makes it similar to dragon ball. Outside of that, the characters are memorable, although the recommendation for this series most importantly will remain with the action.

4 Dragon Ball Super

The sequel to the dragon ball series, although it has some of Toriyama’s influence, it is primarily done by Toyatarou. Following the events of dragon ball despues de Zthere are things that many fans would be familiar with like the intensive battles and characters of dragon ball.

However, after the Tournament Of Power, the series started to take a turn with the Moro arc. A step in a unique direction for the series.

3 One Punch Man

Saitama from One Punch Man

Series within Shonen often have characters that grow in order to become more powerful. Characters like Goku have gradually started incredibly weak, only to become incredibly powerful down the road. However, One Punch Man and in turn Saitama play around with that, being the most powerful being from the start.

This is a fun manga that can be a breath of fresh air for any shonen fan. The action alone allows it to set the bar high, especially as dragon ball was known for it.

two Fist Of The North Star

A shonen manga that actually came before dragon ball, Fist Of The North Star is one of the most defining shonen out there. Following the story of Kenshiro as he walks along with a post-apocalyptic world. He goes out of his way to fight many gangs and other warlords.

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Fist Of The North Star is easily one of the most impactful stories to ever exist in the manga as it has helped influence Kentaro Miura of Berserk fame. It also takes a unique approach to action shonen that dragon ball fans might be intrigued by.

1 Yuyu Hakusho

Alongside dragon ball and sailor Moon in 90s anime, Yuyu Hakusho similarly followed the same route. the story of Yuyu Hakusho revolves around Yusuke Urameshi as he dies only to come back as a spirit detective. Although it initially started as a bit of a detective manga, it eventually became more like a proper shonen.

Yu Yu Hakusho has all of the hallmarks that rival that of dragon ball. From the great action to the power and scale used, to even the way the tournament-style story structure is handled. This is definitely a manga fans have to read.

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