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10 Hardest Bosses In The Kirby Series, Ranked

10 Hardest Bosses In The Kirby Series, Ranked
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Kirby and the Forgotten Land recently released with a big new direction for the series, and the venture into 3D is something fans are excited about. The franchise’s 2D entries are great, but some gamers felt it was getting boring. However, there’s one aspect of it that’ll never get old.

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Boss fights in Kirby are typically big bombastic affairs. And while the series is known for being easy, the bumps are sometimes exceptions to that rule. Especially in extra modes, the boss fights in Kirby can be brutal. Now that even more big bumps have been incorporated into the Kirby franchise, which are the toughest to beat?

10 Mega Titan (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Mega Titan is a boss in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror was the franchise’s attempt to create a Metroidvania-type game. While the series had experimented with the formula before, this new game took a lot more risks. One such Risk was the Mega Titan, who was fought differently than any other boss. The goal was to knock it into electrified walls.

Despite only being the boss of level 5, Carrot Castle, the fight can be chaotic. Its four arms wildly move about the screen independent from the body. If the player brought the party Kirbies into the fight, there’s too much stuff on the screen to react to. Thankfully, the second phase is a more typical Kirby fight, with it taking damage from regular attacks.

9 Dark Matter (Kirby’s Dreamland 2)

Dark Matter has an eyeball and a swordsman form, which also has artwork.

Dark Matter is a reoccurring threat throughout the Kirby series. This mass of dark floating eyeballs is actually some sort of hivemind, and their appearance always makes things darker. But in terms of difficulty, their first appearance takes the cake. To even unlock this fight, Kirby must collect the pieces of the Rainbow Sword, which is quite difficult.

If these conditions are met, Dark Matter will emerge from King Dedede after his fight. He’ll then fly into the sky, while Kirby gives chase. Already the flying controls are different than anything in the game, but the projectiles both boss phases shoot have weird patterns that have unintuitive safety zones.


8 Phantom Sillydillo (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

Phantom Sillydillo is an extremely tough boss in the new Kirby game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has just recently been released, but a challenger has already come forth as the game’s signature tough boss. Sillydillo is merely the boss of the fifth world of the game. But the armadillo’s padding makes him difficult to hit. This would be made even more difficult in his infuriating Phantom refight.

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He’s another boss that is quick despite his size, making him hard to predict. He has both armor and a projectile trash attack, making him tough to approach. But his most powerful attack is definitely his cage attack. This attack can instant kill and is ridiculously large, making it easy for Sillydillo to control the player’s location.

7 Pyribbit (Kirby Triple Deluxe)

Pyribbit roars at Ice Kirby in a magma filled landscape.

This is the last ordinary boss on this list before extra modes and final bosses. So it’s fitting that it’s one of the most annoying fights. Pyribbit both appeared in the 3DS classic game Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby Clash series. Being impatient costs a lot with this boss, as it deals fire damage that has a long burning animation.

Because it’s from a 3DS game, Pyribbit’s fight incorporates depth. It jumps into the background while forcing Kirby to dodge foreground attacks. Despite being big, the lava frog is also fast. In clash games, it’s made tougher with the familiar problem of too many players on screen.

6 Galacta Knight (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Galacta Knight from Kirby Super Star Allies and his updated render.

Galacta Knight is the final boss of Kirby Super Star Ultra‘s Meta Knightmare Ultra fashion. This mode mainly reuses assets, with Meta Knight going through the rest of the game himself. But in the end, a unique boss appears. And boy, he’s more than worth the wait.

Galacta Knight was sealed away for fear of his power, only brought back as Meta Knight’s challenge. He more than fits, with screen-filling attacks and minions. He even hovers above the ground, limiting options for quick hits. The fight is hard as Meta Knight, but becomes tougher with Kirby in boss rush mode.

5 Marx Soul (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Kirby Super Star Ultra's Marx Soul is a secret Final Boss.

Marx was the final boss of Kirby Super Starthe last mainline Kirby title Masahiro Sakurai worked on before he made Super Smash Bros.., also appearing in that series. The character has always been unsettling. He’s the first antagonist to manipulate Kirby, and he transforms into a horrifying monster at the endgame. But the remake, Ultrabrought the character to a new level.

Marx Soul is the zombie form of an already difficult boss. To access him players need to complete the hard TrueArena, only to be met with a screen-filling projectile spamming teleporting madman. Soul Marx has new tricks that play on expectations of his classic moveset, which can trip up players. It’s a hard-fought battle, but if victorious, he lets out a horrifying scream.

4 Morpho Knight (Kirby Star Allies and Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

Morpho Knight from Star Allies and from the Forgotten Land.

Galacta Knight wasn’t unique to Kirby Super Star Ultra; he reappeared as a bonus fight in every mainline Kirby after. It was getting a little old hat, so Kirby Star Allies shook up the formula. After Galacta Knight appears, he’s absorbed by a butterfly and turns into Morpho Knight. His original fight is pretty tough, but it becomes downright brutal in his EX mode.

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Morpho Knight has tough sword attacks and moves borrowed from Galacta Knight. But most dangerous is his butterfly cry attack. Not only does it fill up a lot of the screen and follows his random teleportation move, but it also turns allies, negating Star Allies’ titular feature. Morpho reappears as a bonus fight in Forgotten Landwith his teleportation being even more dangerous in 3D.

3 The Three Mage Sister (Kirby Star Allies)

A title card introducing the EX form of the Three Mage Sisters.

Anyone who has ever messed around with a level editor knows the feeling of dropping multiple bosses into the same room. Their attack patterns barely match up and their health pools aren’t balanced. This is what the Three Mage-Sisters fight is. These sisters were originally fought separately, but their difficulty was increased and then placed together.

While the bosses interact with each other, for the most part, they each stick to their attack pattern. Flamberge fills the screen with large fire attacks. Francisca is a melee attacker who leaves behind damaging ice. And finally, Zan Partizanne charges up with lightning and fires wildly. Each of these patterns is different, and dodging them is impossible at times.

2 Astral Birth Void (Kirby Star Allies)

The title card introducing the

There are plenty of things people may not know about Kirby. They might not know he’s the reincarnation of a primordial god of creation and destruction, for example. Kirby Star Allies‘final boss was an epic shootout with a gargantuan planet-breaking titan. On the inside, it was a Kirby-like being that used attacks from almost every final boss in the series.

Of course, this epic fight only got more difficult with extra modes. The Astral Birth version of Void fought in the Soul Melter difficulty was perhaps the most grandiose thing in the franchise. As an orchestral arrangement of the series’ theme plays, the already formidable boss begins duplicating itself. There’s no room to breathe, and the only option is to fight, with only one boss tougher.

1 Star Dream Soul OS (Kirby: Planet Robobot)

Star Dream's NOVA facade, it's heart core, and it's computing tower are the toughest multi-stage boss fight.

Kirby Planet Robobot had one of the most intense finales in the entire series. Kirby takes over Meta Knight’s ship, flies it into space, and fights a giant flying supercomputer that turns into a planet-scale cat satellite. It featured unique gameplay exclusive to this flying segment, but some fans wished the final boss was more traditional. That’s what the extra Soul difficulty version is for.

The Soul OS version of the fight ups the challenge with more difficult lasers and parts where players must exploit invincibility frames to avoid them. But the new final phase takes Kirby inside the satellite for a fight with its core. This fight resembles one in Super star that was originally done in SHMUP mode, but on foot. But the most devilish thing this fight has is its final attack, where it fires rings that instantly kill Kirby if not dodged.

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