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10 Giveaways Universe 7 Would Win The Tournament Of Power

10 Giveaways Universe 7 Would Win The Tournament Of Power
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Akira Toriyama’s iconic dragon ball series has been at the forefront of the anime industry ever since it made its debut in the 1980s, but Dragon Ball Super has been able to expand on the anime in incredibly satisfying ways. dragon ball continues to grow progressively bigger, which has allowed the franchise to open up. Dragon Ball Super incorporates crucial changes with the introduction of a multiverse and many new and powerful celestial beings.

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Dragon Ball Super’s final climax is the Tournament of Power, a battle royale between the best fighters from across all universes that has dire consequences for those who fail. The Tournament of Power is treated like a monumental obstacle for Goku and company to overcome, yet right from the start, it’s fairly obvious that Universe 7 will take home the victory.

10 None Of Universe 7’s Fighters Are Dependent On Flight

Anime Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Universe 10 Flight

The gigantic free-for-all that takes place within the Tournament of Power comes across as lawless in many regards, but there are still a number of important rules that govern the competition. Many of these restrictions are fairly innocuous, but one of the more interesting rules is that ki-based flight is grounds for disqualification. However, those with wings are naturally able to fly. Goku and company are used to flying, but it’s never a crucial component of their attack plans. This restriction is barely felt by Universe 7, and it seems like it’s more of a disadvantage to the other teams.

9 They Make Use Of Rare & Unexpected Techniques Like The Demon Containment Wave

There are many shades of gray surrounding the limited rules that are in play during the Tournament of Power. The use of weapons is strictly prohibited, but the definition of what qualifies as such is more open to interpretation. Universe 7 makes waves with their use of the Demon Containment Wave, a drastic and rare technique that largely hasn’t been used since the original Dragon Ball. A lot of stock is put in the usefulness of this technique, and it shows that the tide was always supposed to turn in Universe 7’s favor.

8 Goku’s Friendly Relationship With The Zenos

Dragon Ball Super you introduce a number of intimidating celestial beings like Gods of Destruction and Angels who bring with them unprecedented power. Zeno, the Omni-Kingrules over everything and is the one who initially comes up with the Tournament of Power.

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Zeno is extremely dangerous and feared by most, but Goku’s innocent nature causes him to befriend the Zenos in a way that very few have. As a result, Goku and Universe 7 seem to receive special treatment, and if things were to get too dire for them, Goku could likely fix it all through his Zeno friendship from him.

7 They Have The Most Impressive Saiyan Representation Out Of Any Team

dragon ball features a universe that’s full of eclectic races that have contrasting power levels, but for a long time, the series has catered toward Saiyans as the race with the most potential. Saiyans are a rarity in the Tournament of Power, and it’s only Universe 7 and Universe 6 that make use of them. Admittedly, Universe 6 has three Saiyans, just like Universe 7, but this number quickly turns into two. It’s also important to recognize that Universe 7’s team has the most variety in their roster, and they have fighters who are Saiyans, Namekians, Humans, Androids, and more.

6 They’re The Only Team To Make Use Of Deceased Warriors

Each team in the Tournament of Power is only allowed ten representatives, which puts a great deal of pressure on who Universe 7 assembles. They even go through some unexpected last-minute revisions, one of which involves a substitution from the deceased villain, Frieza. Frieza is allowed to participate on Universe 7’s behalf, but there are strict caveats in place. There’s an extra level of freedom and motivation on Frieza’s part of him as he fights as a deceased warrior. No other Tournament of Power teams adopt this strategy, and it likely plays a factor in Universe 7’s success.

5 Their Team Makes Prominent Use Of Androids

Universe 7 pulls out all of the stops for their Tournament of Power roster, and they go so far as to recruit Androids 17 and 18. It’s been a while since these Androids played a vital role, which makes their participation in the Tournament of Power function as a thrilling redemption.

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TO crucial factor that surrounds Androids is that their reserves of energy don’t deplete and that their power can’t be sensed like human fighters. It’s this covert ki energy that ultimately allows Android 17 to win for Universe 7. The team’s strategic incorporation of Androids foreshadows such a victory.

4 The Other Teams Abuse Strategies Like Fusion

Agnilase in Dragon Ball Super

One technique that’s gone on to forever change the dragon ball series is the advent of fusion, where two or more individuals can combine their strength into an even more resilient fighter. Fusion isn’t prohibited in the Tournament of Power, but it comes with a major warning that the elimination of a fused fighter means that all combined parties are out. This penalty is something that several universes experience the hard way, and it helps clear out the competition. Universe 7 is no stranger to fusion, but they don’t resort to this tactic in the tournament because of its risks.

3 More Time Than Ever Is Devoted To Assembling Universe 7’s Team

Tournaments are a common occurrence in dragonball, although none have ever carried the stakes and scope of the Tournament of Power. Previous competitions have devoted spans of episodes on training and preparation, but the build-up to the Tournament of Power goes even further and spends plenty of time on Goku’s recruitment of his teammates. Many episodes are spent on the selection process, which would retroactively feel like a giant waste if Universe 7 doesn’t ultimately use these individuals to achieve success. It’d be different if Universe 7 just appears for battle with a team ready to go.

two The Opening Credits Tease Goku’s New Transformation

Anime Dragon Ball Super Second Opening Goku Ultra Instinct Tease

It’s always exciting when an anime series reveals a new opening or ending credit sequence and Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power kicks off with an action-packed beginning that teases what’s to come. It’s become a bit of a tradition for a new transformation or power to conclude a new story arc, but the new opening credits heavily hint toward the unveiling of Goku’s new Ultra Instinct form. Knowing that a new transformation is on the way is pretty much a guarantee that it’s going to lead Goku and his team to victory.

1 They’re The Main Characters Of The Series

dragon ball is an anime franchise that continually asks its audience to suspend its disbelief when it teases the fact that Goku may not be enough to defeat the major threat that’s at hand. The Tournament of Power does a decent job to highlight Universe 7’s struggles, but considering the punishment is the erasure of the universe, it never truly feels like Universe 7 will lose. Admittedly, the Tournament of Power episodes function as the concluding saga for Dragon Ball Super’s anime, but it would have come as a major shock if the series ended with every character’s erasure.

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