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10 Dragon Ball Super Characters DBZ Broly Could Defeat

10 Dragon Ball Super Characters DBZ Broly Could Defeat
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Akira Toriyama’s dragon ball was a breakout hit when it first debuted as a manga back in 1984, but it’s a rare example of a series that’s only grown more popular over time. dragon ball has been a leading name in the shonen genre for more than 35 years, and its story continues to evolve through Dragon Ball Super’s fresh content.

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dragon ball has a long history with popular villains who originated in the series’ non-canonical feature films, with Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, being one of the biggest examples. Broly is such a popular characterr that he’s been properly worked into the series through Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Fans are pleased with this new version of the character, which makes it more interesting to reflect upon how Dragon Ball Z‘s Broly would hold up against Super‘s characters.

10 Kale’s Berserker Strength Remains A Volatile Work In Progress

Dragon Ball Super expands its scope in unprecedented ways with the emergence of its multiverse, which introduces some fascinating alternate versions of previous characters who existed both in and out of canon. Universe 6’s Kale initially seems as if she’s Dragon Ball Super‘s take on Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. Kale experiences the same bulky and uncontrollable transformation as Broly, except she’s even more of a loose cannon. Kale and Broly might be an even match for a while, but so much of Kale’s success depends on Caulifla looking after her. Broly doesn’t require the same maintenance.

9 Frost’s Duplicitous Ways Won’t Slow Down Broly

Dragon Ball Super Frost

Frost seems to be Universe 6’s equivalence to Frieza, but he’s introduced as a caring and compassionate counterpoint to the tyrannical Frieza. In the time it’s revealed that Frost is just as evil as Frieza and that his kind nature is only part of an elaborate act. Frost demonstrates that he has most of the luxuries that Frieza relies on in battle, but he’s too cocky for his own good. Frost struggles to survive during the Tournament of Power, so he’d likely be an easy target for Dragon Ball Z‘s Broly.

8 Gotenks’ Fused Fighting Tactics Feel Like Child’s Play To Broly

Gotenks in Dragon Ball Super's Resurrection 'F' arc

Goten and Trunks are momentarily treated like the future of Dragon Ball Z, but it’s not long until they become comedic relief while the adults handle the real problems. Goten and Trunks are at their strongest when they fuse together into Gotenks.

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These two actually have a lot of experience with dragon ball z’s Broly, even in his more temperamental Bio-Broly form. Gotenks possesses Super Saiyan 3 strength, but his youthful nature of him is too much of a deterrent here when faced with Broly’s rage and brute strength of him.

7 Krillin’s Human Limitations Are Accentuated By The Legendary Super Saiyan

There are few faces in dragon ball that are friendlier than Krillin’s. He’s been Goku’s best friend since nearly the start of his adventures, and his growth from him as a fighter is nearly as impressive as Goku’s continued ascent. Krillin is just a human, but he’s made a name for himself through valuable techniques like the Destructo Disc and the family that he starts with Android 18. Martial arts become less of a priority for Krillin, but he never completely turns his back on his roots. Even young Saiyans like Goten and Trunks might be too much of a challenge for Krillin, so Broly is out of the question.

6 Piccolo And His Namekian Skills Can’t Contend With Saiyan Strength

dragon ball features many diverse species, each with its own unique abilities. Dragon Ball‘s Saiyans slowly take over the series, but the Namekians are another important race that is given a lot of attention. Piccolo is the series’ strongest Namekian, and he’s experienced tremendous growth. Piccolo’s Namekian biology as well as his brilliance as a battle strategist are formidable assets. Unfortunately, Saiyans continue to get stronger, which leaves Piccolo in a hopeless position against someone like Broly. He could provide crucial support for someone else during this fight, but he lacks the skills to finish Broly off by himself.

5 Botamo Would Clear Throw Botamo In A Single Blow

Gohan and Botamo

Several of Dragon Ball Super‘s fascinating new multiverse fighters first appear in a competition that’s held between Universes 7 and 6. Botamo is one of the more unusual Universe 6 figures, and he doesn’t look that far removed from a version of Winnie the Pooh who decided to embrace martial arts.

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Botamo’s biggest asset is his rotund physique that’s a natural shock absorber for damage. This temporarily frustrates Gohan in battle, but it doesn’t seem like it would give Broly much pause. Broly commands such intense strength that he could likely punch right through Botamo.

4 Gohan’s Lapsed Skills Become More Apparent Against True Saiyan Power

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Piccolo Armor

The majority of Dragon Ball Z operates under the auspices that Gohan will surpass Goku’s strength and become the primary protector of the planet. Gohan makes incredible progress, but his skills regress between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super after he begins to focus more on his budding family. Gohan isn’t defenseless in Dragon Ball Super, but he’s aware of his limitations and frequently works best when he’s in a group. Gohan was young when he faced Broly in Dragon Ball Z, but the unbridled rage that’s present in the Legendary Super Saiyan would only remind Gohan about how much he’s fallen.

3 Monaito’s Namekian Knowledge And Support Means Nothing To Broly

Manga Dragon Ball Super Monaito In Pain

The latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super‘s manga have brought in some fascinating characters who are set to have major repercussions on the series’ universe. Granolah, a vengeful member of the Cerealian race, sets his sights on becoming the universe’s strongest. Granolah is accompanied by Monaito, an elderly Namekian who is full of wisdom but lacks discernible physical strength. Monaito fills in some crucial details when it comes to the pasts of both Granolah and Bardock, but he’s otherwise a liability. His impressive intellect and healing powers from him wo n’t slow down Broly.

two Master Roshi And His Bulked Up Form Are Still Weaker Than The Burly Broly

Master Roshi is someone who’s been integral to dragon ball right from the start of Goku’s incredible journey. Many of the fundamentals that Goku learned in life are accredited to Master Roshi’s teachings. Roshi is usually content to kick back and enjoy his twilight years, but he can still defend himself when necessary. Master Roshi even becomes an important asset to Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power. Curiously, Roshi’s muscular form of him is not that visually dissimilar from Broly’s Berserker state. Roshi might look as beefed up as Broly, but his powers are only a fraction of the Saiyan’s strength.

1 Bardock Is A Prolific Saiyan From The Past Who Broly Would Humble

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Bardock Attacks

Bardock serves a pivotal role in the grander dragon ball canon since he’s Goku’s biological father and the one who’s responsible for the young Saiyan’s exodus from Planet Vegeta and sare arrival on Earth. Bardock’s presence has mostly been contained to flashbacks, but Dragon Ball Super‘s manga has returned to the former Saiyan and expanded upon his backstory in fulfilling ways. Bardock’s temperament and motivations have grown more complex, but his level of strength remains moderate. A showdown between Bardock and Broly would be highly cathartic due to all of the Saiyan aggression that’s on display, but Bardock lacks the skills to survive.

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