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10 Attack On Titan Characters Who Would Be Good Airbenders

10 Attack On Titan Characters Who Would Be Good Airbenders
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Fans typically enjoy crossing over animes to see how the different characters and storylines vary in each series. The more different the anime are, the better, and what anime are more vastly different than Attack on Titan and Avatar: The Last Airbender? Attack on Titan is a dark anime series filled with twists and gore while Avatar: The Last Airbender has a lighter tone with only a few instances of dark content.

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To say these two aren’t at all alike is an understatement. Looking into these two shows, one might wonder who would be a good Airbender in the Attack on Titan universe. Airbenders are free-spirited and take the path of least resistance choosing to go with the flow much like the air element itself. There are some Attack on Titan characters whose personalities veer toward classic airbender personality traits.

10 Sasha Braus’ Friendly Yet Ambitious Personality Mirrors Airbenders

Sasha stashing a roll of meat with a hungry expression

Sasha is a fan favorite and her eccentric yet friendly demeanor makes her a great candidate for being a good airbender. Although she can seem like the show’s comedic relief — like Aang in Avatar— she’s very determined and ambitious when it’s required.

She’s a great friend and does what she can to be there for others. She’s also very resourceful, especially when it comes to fighting against Titans. Airbenders are very intuitive and she’s been known to exhibit this quality on multiple occasions.

9 Conny Springer’s Carefree Nature Could Make Him A Good Airbender

Connie sitting against a stone wall, waiting for what's next

Another fan favorite and comedic relief character, Conny Springer has qualities that could point towards him being a quality airbender. His carefree spirit, especially in the early seasons, match qualities that airbenders tend to showcase. He could even be compared to Meelo from The Legend of Korra — and not just for his bald head.

Conny is very outgoing and has a free-flowing type of personality but is strictly business when he gets down to slicing up Titans and protecting those he loves. Sometimes he’s known to act before thinking, so he’s easily adaptable when need be.

8 Marco Bodt Makes His Team (& Friends) His Top Priority

Marco staring out into the sky with a smile

Fan-favorite Marco Bodt could be a great airbender if given the chance. Marco understood his own limitations and remained focused on his team, which mimics the airbenders’ need to put others as their priority. This is shown when he prevents a comrade, Daz, from killing himself in the Battle of Trost.

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In that same battle, he was given his own squad to command, which only adds to the trait airbenders share to put other people as a priority. His character is based on being there for his team no matter what and doing what’s right.

7 Intelligent & Easy Going Pieck Finger Shows Some Airbender Qualities

Pieck smirks down alone

Pieck is shown as easy-going but intelligent and able to deduce a situation to her and her cause’s favor. Pieck is clever and intuitive, something she shares with other airbenders in Avatar. She would be swift and make adjustments as needed, mimicking the air itself as she “goes with the flow.”

She’s seen multiple times analyzing her situation and making accommodations on what is the best way to go forward. Pieck would make a good airbender, with all the same qualities she shares with the element and its benders.

6 Hange Zoë Could Be A Good Airbender Due To Their Free-Spirited Nature

Attack on Titan Hange Winking While Holding Book

Airbenders are known for being free-spirited and Hange Zoë definitely shows this quality. They are famously very loud and free-spirited, especially in the earlier seasons. Hange can even be compared to Aang, albeit a more intense version, but the similarities are still there.

They also have an intense determination to protect their people, especially Levi, no matter the cost. This trait showcases an airbender’s need to put others before themselves. They may not be an obvious choice for being an airbender, but with these traits, there’s no denying that airbending is something that they could do well.

5 Armin Arlelt, Intuitive & Quick Thinking, Could Serve As A Good Airbender

armin in battle suit

Although Armin shows qualities that could guide him as any type of bender, his intuitive and free-thinking mind can make him a good airbender. Airbenders are intuitive and choose the path of least resistance, acting as the air itself. Armin has, on multiple occasions, shown these same qualities.

He’s quick to think through his situation and what the next step would be, making sure that his decision doesn’t just help his current dilemma but also any future issues. His thought process grows with each season and his intuition mirrors that same growth.

4 Driven By His Priority to Saving Others, Hannes Shares Traits That Would Make Him A Good Airbender

hannes from attack on titan season 2

Although he claimed himself a coward to Eren when he was unable to save his mother, Hannes proved himself to be more than courageous by constantly looking out for Eren as a way to fulfill his promise to make up for his failure to save Carla Jaeger.

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Just the simple act of taking Eren and Mikasa out of harm’s way demonstrates the trait that airbenders tends to make other people their priority, a trend that a good portion of characters tends to have in Attack on Titan.

3 Falco Grice Uses His Intellect & Quick Thinking, Sharing Airbender Traits

Attack on Titan Falco

Falco tends to remind fans of an Armin Arlelt type: not extremely skilled as a solider but intellectually in tune to the next smart move. He’s a quick thinker, able to mimic airbenders in the sense that they move with the air and are able to move without resistance.

He’s intuitive, able to figure out the next best course of action for him and Gabi (who he cares for immensely), and will do what he can to help save her, no matter the cost to him.

2 Free-Spirited Isabel Magnolia Could Make A Good Airbender

Isabel Magnolia from Attack on Titan, excited

Isabel, Levi’s old companion prior to his joining the Survey Corps, shows a few qualities that could make her a good candidate for being an airbender. She’s an energetic woman with a cheerful personality who could possibly be seen as a mirror to an airbender’s carefree and free-spirited personality trait.

Being the most cheerful of her companions, Isabel definitely showcases some traits that correlate with airbenders. Although her headstrong nature could mean her leaning more towards another bending type, her free-spirited and confident attitude would make her an excellent airbender.

1 Petra Ral Shares Airbender Traits With Her Caring Personality

Petra Ral Attack On Titan Smiling

When Eren joins Levi’s squad, Petra’s caring and kind personality was shown by how she treats Eren. Airbenders have a caring personality, as their priority is protecting others, and Petra shares that trait. Although she had a caring and compassionate personality, she was quick and precise when it came to getting down to business.’

Petra would make a good airbender because of her ability to be open to compassion, as evidenced when Eren’s Titan form was discovered; she was the first character to ever show remorse for him. Her ability to go where the wind takes her when needed is also a common airbender quality.

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